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BURANO STATION – Trading gateway – Connecting prosperityInspired by Italy’s 

Burano with colorful scenery and lively and cheerful blocks, Burano Station commercial complex, by its unique and distinctive architecture, is expected to bring a vibrant, busy but still attractive trading community. 

The 125 m2 commercial townhouses (shophouses) are divided into two independent storeys and provide a view of the expansive street frontage, making it convenient to maximize the rental space for a business. The DT 743 road’s Burano Station commercial complex, which has Burano island-inspired architecture, is the lifeblood of the upcoming new metropolis that millions of people hope to see. 


Burano Station is a business complex that is close to Thu Duc City, a major development hub in Ho Chi Minh City. Burano Station is even more unique because it is situated on DT 743 Road, the main thoroughfare into the city. Millions of people anticipate this. 50-meter boulevard frontage, a lot of customers, notably close to the Vincom, BigC, Aeonmall, etc. complex.


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