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Major customers are excited about the special 10-year capital multiplication program launched by the Metro Star Investment Co., Ltd and attached privileges, a company executive says.

Vincent Choo Wing Sung, Metro Star’s investment director, said that program was a special gift to loyal customers and that they were excited about for several reasons including high returns, special privileges and the opportunity to participate in value-boosting activities.

Metro Star Investment Co., Ltd, a member of property developer CT Group, announced the capital multiplication program on the occasion of the company’s 18th founding anniversary, September 28, 2023.

The company is focusing on developing a chain of more than 50 projects next to major stations of six metro lines in Ho Chi Minh City.

These include the Metro Star project on Vo Nguyen Giap avenue, Thu Duc city, with a pedestrian bridge directly connected to Binh Thai metro station in Metro Line No. 1; the Metro Line No. 9 project near Metro Line No. 2; the SS1 project connected to metro station No. 9 of Metro Line No. 2; the CT Riverside project located opposite Binh Trieu metro station on Metro Line 3B; the Metro City project next to Metro Line 3A; and other green transit-oriented development (TOD) projects.

The company has reiterated that with this unique business strategy, it can deliver high profits to investors, with real estate value increasing multiple times thanks to effective exploitation of the huge passenger traffic at stations to develop business activities.

​It has said that the projects will motivate people to effectively use green transportation systems, thereby reducing the use of motorbikes and cars and contributing to reducing CO2 emissions.

Vincent Choo Wing Sung, investment director at Metro Star Investment Co., Ltd, speaks about the company’s plan to develop a chain of projects along six metro lines in Ho Chi Minh City

​Vincent said that when all six metro lines in HCMC became operational, they would create a widespread traffic connection network, with hundreds of millions of passengers each year. Among other things, this will deliver huge profits from “non-ticket” business activities on the routes such as leasing booths in station premises and running department stores, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels on neighboring roads.

Vincent stressed that Metro Star was very different from others in the current real estate market with no outstanding bond and bank debts (as reported by the Credit Information Center in June 2023). The transparency allowed by the firm’s accounts being audited for many years by E&Y and product prices being set by CBRE added to the attraction, he added.

A diagram of Metro Star’s projects along six metro lines in Ho Chi Minh City

Notably, the special capital multiplication program for major customers promises more than high returns on their investments.

As part of the program, customers will enjoy many privileges including a Special Personal Assistant (SPA); status of a strategic partner of Metro Star and its parent CT Group; and participating in the initial public offering (IPO) with Metro Star.

The capital multiplication benefits are also guaranteed with special policies including preferential prices for Metro Star products and high service privileges in healthcare, education, sports, beauty and catering services with the exclusive CT Star card, Vincent noted.



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