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Established in 1992, CT Group has undergone a significant journey spanning two centuries, consistently growing with an unwavering core value of being a Group for the Community.

In 2022, marking its 30 years of continuous development, CT Group stands with 62 subsidiary companies present in 12 countries, poised for the next 30 years amidst a rapidly changing world in the midst of a technological storm. Prepared to conquer, CT Group harnesses internal strength through 6 comprehensive forces: Culture, Technology, Speed, Globalization, Differentiation, and Westpoint.

In tandem with elevating the development of Smart Cities to an entirely new and comprehensive level, CT Group is focusing on advancing into the high-tech sector, aligning with the Fourth Industrial Revolution – a global scientific and technological revolution that will permanently alter humanity.

With resilience, persistence, 30 years of accumulated glory, extensive research, vision, and accurate foresight regarding global development, CT Group has meticulously prepared for many years to be ready to “Transform into the Dragons of Future Technology” on the new journey of the next 30 years.


CT Group, with 11 key sectors, plays a crucial role in Vietnam’s and ASEAN’s development and contributes significantly to humanity.


As a typical conglomerate of the ASEAN community, CT Group is committed to being the gateway to humanity’s future in the new era, fostering harmonious development between Technology, Natural Environment, and Humanity.


1. Despite up and down, CT Group has been a business for the community since the first day of establishment. By consistently implemented this value, it has now become the core value of the business.

2. CT Group is where every ordinary employee can have a great life.

3. CT Group is leading in innovative activities to help the world to be better.