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Last week, at Léman Luxury building (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City), CTG Academy – Training Center of CT Group officially launched an E-Learning platform applying new technologies such as AI.

The success of edX, a platform that offers free, open-access online courses and was established by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, with the support of major organizations like Microsoft, Google, and others, connected to more than 160 top colleges worldwide, served as inspiration for CT Group’s recent introduction of its own e-learning program.

CT Group’s E-Learning system development strategy focuses on the goal of developing and perfecting with content specifically made for the Vietnamese. At the same time applying new technologies such as ML (Machine Learning), VR (Virtual Reality Technology – Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality Technology) for students to learn and interact in the virtual world, and AI (Artificial Intelligence ) to portray each student with a tailored training progress.

Mr. Vu Hong Quang – Vice Chairman of CT Group shared at the event

Along with that, E-Learning integrates Digital Human – KamiBrain into the E-learning system to chat and support users in learning activities. Built and developed on the foundation of Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and some other technologies, KamiBrain is a super product that can create a demigod for each person. With a very private and unlimited data provided by the Owner, the demigod can read all the books, documents, movies, music, paintings, architecture that the Owner has experienced since childhood. KamiBrain can do hundreds of plans or analyze thousands of records in minutes. It can write poetry, make music or any intellectual product. It is possible for KamiBrain to learn the personality of the master to the point of being able to answer in the same way as the master but with the wisdom of all mankind.

In particular, the system also allows those who have not attended or dropped out of university to continue pursuing a degree by relying on knowledge and ability tests to provide a training path. Students when they finish should be awarded certificates or diplomas upon completion of the course on the E-Learning system. Some certificates of E-Learning linked to international learning platforms will be popular with international employers.

In addition, CT Group optimizes training programs on the E-Learning system according to a strategy focusing on factors such as: Learners are the source; improve the capacity for the community; think big and bigger; build a set of recognized certificates; Education is dedication.

The E-Learning system development roadmap was also announced by CT Group at the event. Specifically, in the first period from 2023 – 2024, the Group will build an E-Learning system and satisfy about 25,000 internal employees. By the period 2024 – 2025, courses will be expanded to meet 100% of the learning needs of university students and customers. At the same time, prepare a system that is sufficient for 2 million users by 2025.

Promoting the spirit of learning and applying technology in training and learning has always been in the direction of human resource and community development of CT Group. In particular, the launching event of the E-Learning system is one of the typical activities in the series of events to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the establishment of CT Group (June 29, 1992 – June 29, 2023).



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