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At the first technology exhibition organized by the National Innovation Center (NIC) when it officially went into operation, CTOptimal – a member of the CT Group, amazed and filled the attendees with pride when provided the world-class, cutting-edge technological solutions created by Vietnamese innovators.

AI Platforms created by Vienamese scientists attract attention at the Vietnam International Innovation Expo 2023 (VIIE 2023)

NIC is considered the “hub” of technology in Vietnam. The Vietnam International Innovation Expo 2023 (VIIE 2023) is being held from October 28th to November 1st, 2023, with over 40,000 participants engaging in various activities. Among them, the exhibition space showcasing and providing firsthand experiences of the features and benefits of cutting-edge global technology has received significant attention and special attraction.

Standing alongside global technology giants such as Google, Meta, Intel, Samsung, SpaceX, and others, leading reputable Vietnamese enterprises are also showcasing AI technology platforms with the potential to shape the future, providing unforgettable interactive experiences to the innovation and technology enthusiasts’ community.

What surprised many international representatives are the three world-class specialized AI platforms, including DCALog (AI for Logistics), AEM (AI for Healthcare), and AI for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) control, all developed entirely from Vietnamese intelligence, working together to solve pressing challenges in life and create a brighter future for humanity. All three of these platforms were researched and developed by scientists at CTOptimal, a member of the CT Group.

Distinguishing itself from other technology platforms, CTOptimal has developed its own AI platform and optimization algorithms. The optimization algorithm is based on DC programming and the DCA algorithm, which is currently a sharp tool in the field of optimization. This is a creative mathematical achievement by the Vietnamese people, creating unique, groundbreaking value in the high-tech sector on a global scale.

World-class technology platforms, researched and served by the hearts and minds of Vietnam, are making a very concrete contribution to Vietnam’s technological revolution.

DCALog is an AI optimization platform for transportation and warehouse services developed by CTOptimal, built on two main pillars: Machine Learning and Optimization Mathematics, with the core being the DCA algorithm. DCALog can address the challenges of large and diverse logistics systems by utilizing practical yet simple mathematical models. It is especially known for its efficiency, adaptability, and the ability to solve large-dimensional problems. DCALog is considered a top 5 world-class platform in terms of speed and optimization efficiency.

The AI platform for healthcare is called the AEM System (Auto Electrocardiogram Monitoring System). It is a specialized AI model that can assist doctors in diagnosing, intervening, preventing strokes, and heart-related diseases more quickly based on the processing of electrocardiogram data and designing predictive models for patients more effectively. This solution supports physicians in managing the monitoring and treatment process and also serves as a remote healthcare solution for cardiac patients.

AI in UAV control is a highly specialized field, with relatively few participants worldwide. For the first time, scientists from CTOptimal boldly ventured into this field, leveraging the practical experience of the CT Group in unmanned aerial vehicles. Through the integration of Artificial Intelligence, UAV developers have gained unprecedented capabilities, such as controlling multiple UAVs simultaneously for various tasks, autonomous navigation without relying on GPS, and self-observation and analysis of targets. It can be said that AI has opened up a completely new horizon for the UAV industry.

Dang Phu, the Global Business Development Director of CTOptimal, shares, “Entering the era of Industry 4.0, CTOptimal has made numerous innovations and successfully executed a series of innovative activities. Among them, the significant achievement of AI technology is a contribution to the sustainable development of our nation. CTOptimal will actively collaborate with policymakers, scientists, economists, businesses, and the state in this vital technological revolution.”

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the world every minute. CTOptimal is dedicated to researching and developing technology platforms that will shape global development trends in the future. It takes pride in the fact that these platforms are the result of Vietnamese hearts and minds striving for research and service to humanity.

The development of these three specialized AI platforms entirely by Vietnamese intelligence also demonstrates the ambition to master core technology, reflecting the national spirit and creating real results and values for the economic and social development of the country.

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