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High-tech Business Lines

CT Group is focusing on high-tech industries. CT Group has carefully researched and implemented a number of core technologies. In Vietnam, CT Group is one of the pioneers to develop high-techs.    

1. Artificial Intelligence Technology

2. UAV Technology 

3. Gene & Cell Technology

4. Green Crypto Currency

5. Semiconductor Technology

6. ESG Technology

7. Quantum Technology

8. New Energy Technology

Artificial Intelligence Technology

CT Group is developing CTOptimal Institute and 2 subsidiaries: AI Master and Kamiverse.

In the field of Flytech, CT Group has quietly developed a line of CT UAV drones. Along with giants EHang, Volvocopter,…

CT Group has established Vietnam Gene & Cell Technology Joint Stock Company (VGCT) to select, apply and develop gene..

Realcoin (RCT) is the cryptocurrency that possesses intrinsic value and is widely recognized as the safest option in the….

CT Semiconductor is a company specializing in Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) Services.

CT Group’s industries are designed to actively contribute to carbon neutral emissions reduction and are highly ..

The quantum industry will dominate the future with the introduction of quantum communications networks with high…

In the future, hydrogen will be a clean energy source playing a crucial role in the global energy structure and is an….