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Not only launched the TAC – Talent Acquisition Center with nearly 100 employees but also suggested many bold ideas about technology in the field of traditional human resources.

On the evening of September 24, 2022, CT Group held an intimate exchange program called HR Dinner with the participation of leaders of prestigious universities and leading employers in Vietnam. On this occasion, CT Group also launched a Talent Acquisition Center with 7 domestic departments (including 1 department in Hanoi) and 1 international department.

CT Group cooperates with prestigious universities and leading employers to create an ideal development environment for young talents. 

CT Group alliances with prestigious universities and leading employers to create an ideal development environment for young talents. In economies that are accelerating the breakthrough process, governments, organizations, and enterprises are constantly improving their global talent competitiveness (Global Talent Competitiveness Index) to meet the requirements of the 4.0 scientific and technological revolution.

Not only finding the right people who are always ready to transform the world, CT Group also brings new doctrines about safe startup talent into large enterprises when more than 90% of Vietnamese startups go bankrupt in the first 3 years. Closely linked with startup programs in Israel and Finland, CT Group is actively preparing to develop the Vietnamese intellectual brand in a scientific and effective way, preventing unnecessary start-up failure and brain breakdown while the country remains impoverished in both the economy and science and technology. Among technology, the annual “Seeds of Goodness” program is one of the efforts in the ESG sustainable development strategy of CT Group, which balances economic development with long-term responsibilities to society, creating conditions to develop the seeds of goodness and developing the “leaders without title” of a future society.

Building a system for early detection of young talents in school and supporting poor students to study well is one of TAC’s happy and passionate missions, making itself an attraction for many talents in human development.

Human development is a delighted mission 

Grateful to those who have sown “Seeds of Goodness”, Mr. Tran Kim Chung, Chairman of CT Group, emphasized: “Human resources are always the key and long-term affair. When CT Group entered the 30-year plan for the second time, we asked a lot of questions ourselves. Can we repeat the 30-year miracle again? “After analyzing, the answer is “Maybe if we had strong and complete cooperation on human affairs, not only on Vietnamese talent but also gathered talent in other countries to participate in the development of our country, we would be able to wave the nation’s flag in all countries of the world”.

At CT Group, people are the key factor in the group’s development strategy. CT Group is a place that focuses on comprehensive human development. “360-degree policy”—a policy that specifically cares for the development of material and spiritual life in all aspects and is always improved according to the Kaizen opinion of officials and employees. The market is still impressed with the fact that CT Group awards cars every year to employees, each of whom is immersed in an open and especially loving environment.

CT Group launches TAC – Talent Acquisition Center emphasizing the important role in human development 

Aspiring to bring Vietnam into the rhythm of the global 4.0 revolution, CT Group aims to recruit tens of thousands of high-quality personnel working in Vietnam and representative offices abroad. A large-scale HR revolution is being prepared by the corporation.

Access and gather intellectual labor resources 

When CT Group launched the Talent Acquisition​ Center (TAC), it was an official message emphasizing its important role in human development. TAC is looking for exceptional talents in the field of human development, gathered by world-class experts both at home and abroad, who will go through a rigorous selection process and be specially trained in accordance with the law. The program was inspired by West Point Academy (USA), where many high-ranking leaders are trained for the world, together building a comprehensive system of study promotion, talent promotion, and career promotion so that talented people have the opportunity to unleash their energy together to create great resources for the country. The CT Group is highly determined to realize the aspiration to bring Vietnam into the global revolution 4.0, which is developing rapidly today.​



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