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“Saigon – Hanoi Charitable Campaign 2010” is Charity Caravan Program held by C.T Group with HCMC Business Association and Vietnam Young Doctor Association in the mid of Aug, 2010. During the campaign, the members of the corporation overcome thousands of kilometers with much challenge to test and prescribe for thousands of poor patients and to help needy families prepare for the beginning of a new academic year. These members also visited historical monuments and shared feelings after the campaign. Day by day, memoirs of destinations, people and families became part of the hearts of each member. These are verses written on the returned day.

Mr. Tran Dinh Tuan, Head of Carvan Saigon-Hanoi 2000 Charitable Campaign, found unforgettable memory in the journey.
The place I came was noisy and gaudy
The road I walked was full of difficulties
The place I came was much concerned
The road I turned back was so beloved
Dear! Do not bear… neglected heart
Love strectched out anywhere. Please!
To give… is to keep forever!
To make life like dream…
(by Mr. Tran Dinh Tuan)

For Ms. Phuong Thao – a member of the campaign, it was an opportunity to experience life and meet people in order to realize that we were still luckier and happier than many others. For her, the campaign looked like a awakening in her soul.

As Bodhisatwa at busy life,
Always worried about miserable situations
Bringing happiness to isolated souls,
Lightening compassion to everybody
Creating good seeds for all souls
Thank God for creating that man!
Thank God for letting me see him
To share and lighten belief
Like that I am in love and compassion
Forever remember and be good-hearted
(Thank you by Phuong Thao)

At Phu Loc Orphanage Centre, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province, we met orphans who were raised and cared. Ms. Doan Thi My Linh, whose father died because of cancer and whose mother had gone somewhere to earn a living, had to live with her grandmother. Due to an extremely difficult situation, her grandmother had to send her to Phu Loc Orphanage Centre. “Although there is still difficulty, we have efforts to care about their spirit. Today we receive gifts from you, we sincerely express our great thank. As a result, we have new notebooks and books to a new school year,” a child said. On behalf of all orphans at the center, My Linh sent a poem like thank to your heartness. The poem which mentioned about a picture of her deceased mother  made all members burst into tear. When coming back home, a lot of members in the mission left their feelings and below are two typical poems:

The girl living in Tam Giang Lagoon
Back to Saigon, we miss Tam Giang Lagoon
An image of a small girl on sea and heaven
Walking precariously in the windy afternoon
Lack of parents on an isolated way
Having your singing a song
Unable to forget your pure eye looking at a far place
Far, so far
Fet black
Concerned with innocence…
Hope you will be safe and sound
Because love is always be with you
Even when there are still difficulties
Be assured, my dear daughter!
(For My Linh – Tam Giang Lagoon from Nguyen Thi Anh Minh, C.T Group Office)


I met you
At Tam Giang Lagoon in the sad afternoon
Falling rain or your tears
Be soaked all of your orphaned life
Be faint like a heron destiny
Overcome a lot of troubles
All days
To earn a living
For getting food in the cold evenings
Sisters, brothers
Who love me, please help me!
Lightening a little sunshine for my life
For calm wind and waves at Tam Giang Lagoon  
No long incarvation
In the rainy afternoon at Tam Giang Lagoon
Love all my dear sisters and brothers!
(Hue Bich Van – C.T Invest)

Saigon-Hanoi 2000 Charitable Campaign was also an opportunity for all participants to visit Vietnamese landscapes, love and be proud of nation history.

Charitable Capaign ended
Much of happy and unhappy memories…
Phan Thiet, Khanh Hoa, Binh Dinh
Lonely Elders in need of help
Da Nang, Quang Tri, Nghe An
Terrible boulevard war vestiges
Truong Son Road No. 9 of Nam Lao
Dong Loc heroic cross-road
Sam Son, Thanh Hoa, Thai Binh
Always solemn Tran Hung Dao Temple
And thousands-of-year cultural Thang Long
Good reputation forever for future generations
(by Kha Ton Thu from Building BOMs)

After the compaign with much of feeling, the prophet of Charitable Campaign 2010 encourages others to carry out next Charitable Campaigns:

We came back to crowed Saigon
Leaving mountains and seas
Everything seems to be a dream…
New plans are being waited…

In fact, at Closing Ceremony in Hanoi, many members of the campaign cried out. Some thought they could participate only the first day; however, they finshed the journey across Vietnam and still promised to join in the next campaign!

Treatment in Binh Dinh province

Ms. My Linh ( Phu Loc Orphanage Centre – Thua Thien Hue province) presented her poem to all members of the Caravan Campaign



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