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During the hard time of the market, many real estate personnel choose to change jobs or take a break. But Hue Tram thought differently, she continued to work hard with burning enthusiasm as always.

The choice from the bottom of heart 

Phan Thi Hue Tram – Staff at the Sales Department of CT Group has always said that she is always grateful for what she is having today.

In the harsh phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hue Tram’s younger brother was almost in critical condition and stayed in active treatment at Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City. In a state of extreme anxiety and fear, Tram thought she was about to lose a loved one.

Fortunately, at this time, CT Group deployed 2 treatment areas and many ventilators for the hospital. Hue Tram’s younger brother was fortunate to be cured, regain his breath and gradually get healthy.

Always keeping a positive mindset, Hue Tram (sitting in the right corner) still stands and improves well despite all difficulties

After the storm passed, Ms. Tram carried a deep gratitude to those who helped her at the most difficult time. Impressed with the business philosophy of “to serve the community” of CT Group, Hue Tram decided to join the group. “When difficulties become a common situation, there are people who I have never met but gave their support to me, which is very precious. I was able to work anywhere, but I chose to dedicate myself to a place where I can contribute a little more effort, bring good things to the community. That way the work will always be more meaningful” – Ms. Tram shared.

This decision goes against the fact that the real estate market is in the sate of almost “frozen”. Ms. Tram said that “If you only see difficulties, it will be difficult everywhere. Don’t let difficulties crush you to be able to achieve your goals”. Hue Tram’s thoughts are very similar to those of her colleagues at CT Group. They share, support and encourage each other to overcome difficulties. And in fact, the more difficult the times, the stronger the rebounding power. Despite market fluctuations, Hue Tram still regularly succeeds in having new contracts.

Motivations to overcome hard time

According to Hue Tram, in spite of years of experience working in the real estate industry, the first time she was invited by a client to their housewarming was while working at CT Group. Tram also did not forget the warm embrace of a young teacher when the house was handed over, and touching words from young families who have just been working for a few years but now own a house. They are all the moments of shared joy with customers that Tram truly understands deeply as the awards from efforts.

Through adapting and dedicating, those who think in the “positive direction” always take the opportunity to accelerate despite the difficulties

Hue Tram has great faith in CT Group’s products. CT Group is one of the few investors who, despite having handed over the product for 10 years, is still committed to product warranty and maintenance. Up to now, most products have continued to increase in value, bringing multi-layered benefits to investors and homebuyers. The proudest thing that Tram can confidently introduce to customers is the value of the products, beyond the material meaning, which is “homes”, not “house”. To benefit the community, each product CT Group is different, and always has the well welcomed by customers from all walks of life.

There are also many young people with little savings, it is very difficult for them to get the house they want. So, the products developed by CT Group meet the practical needs of performance and quality to live, study and work at a reasonable price.

Under that circumstance, when introducing products to customers, Hue Tram feels like bringing a dream closer to young people. And it makes sense when throughout the work process, Hue Tram still retains many happy messages from customers as motivation to continue with the work during this difficult period. Not choosing an easy path, Hue Tram and other colleagues at CT Group always maintain a “positive” mindset, making efforts every day to bring good values to the community. Firmly believe in the group’s mission, take customers’ happiness as the driving force, they continue to overcome the strong wind and then rise.



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