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On the morning of March 16, the awarding ceremony for excellent articles in January and February of the writing contest “The nest I dream of” took place at the headquarters of the Ho Chi Minh City Law newspaper. The contest was held with the cooperation between CT Group and the Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper.

CT Group accompanied with the the Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper to organize “The nest I dream of” writing contest 

​Attending the award ceremony were the chairperson of journalist Nguyen Thai Binh, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Ho Chi Minh City Law Newspaper, Deputy Head of the Competition Organizing Committee; Ms. Thach Mai Huong, Deputy Chief of Law Office of Ho Chi Minh City.

Journalist Nguyen Thai Binh was the host of the ceremony 

​The excellency of January belongs to writer Nguyen Ho Hanh Van with the piece “Our dearest makes real home”. Writer Nguyen Vo Quoc Trung with the writing “Dream of my ‘full of light’ house” and writer Cao Le Van Thuan with the piece “Home with mom, I draw my dreams” win the excellency of February.

The 3 winners shared that they were very happy to closely approach and step by step making their dreams happen.

“The contest is the motivation for me to have a clear view of my home in the future. Fortunately, winning the award helps to push myself more and more to reach further”, shared by writer Nguyen Ho Hanh Van.

With the motto “Together with young people to create life”, the contest is a place where young people express their creativity and desire to create a modern and inspiring life through writing and designing their dream home in the future. The first round of the contest lasts until April 30, 2023. The Organizing Committee still receives new entries from the youth who are realizing their dream of a home.

Welcome participants to enroll in the “The Nest I Dream of Contest”

“The Nest I Dream of Contest” organized by CT Group in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City Law press agency is still accepting submissions until the end of April 30th 2023. The winner of the contest will receive a DIYAS apartment worth nearly 1 billion VND developed by CT Group.

Participants: Vietnamese citizens, ages 22 to 35 (up to the time of submission of entries), currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City; have a desire and plan to live and work for a long time, dedicating to the development of Ho Chi Minh City in the future. Participants do not have a house and do not own any real estate in Ho Chi Minh City or other provinces and cities.

The participants will go through 3 rounds: Round 1 – Write your dream; Round 2: Draw your dream; Round 3: Conquer your dream.

All of the submissions please send to: <br> <br> <br>Awards: 5 main prizes include: <br> <br>+ A Special Prize: An apartment of Diyas brand awarded by CT Group

+ One first prize: 40,000,000 VND

+ One second prize: 25,000,000 VND

+ One third prize: 15,000,000 VND.

+ Two consolation prizes: 5,000,000 VND/prize.

Additional awards: 

+ Award for the best article of the month: 3,000,000 VND/prize (each month will choose up to 2 best articles).

+ Prize for the idea of “Dream drawing” (second round) voted the most by readers on social networks: VND 5,000,000.

+ Award “companion designer”: 6 prizes for 6 groups of students participating in consulting and supporting candidates corresponding to the awards of the contestants, including:

+ One Special Prize: 10,000,000 VND.

+ One first prize: 5,000,000 VND

+ One second prize: 3,000,000 VND.

+ One third prize: 2,000,000 VND.

+ Two consolation prizes: 1,000,000/prize.

+ In addition, participating students will receive a certificate from the Organizing Committee.

For more information about the contest rules, how to participate in the contest, the composition of the contest jury, etc., you can read the contest website at

Sincerely invite readers to participate in the contest!



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