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Nguyen Hong Joint Stock Company (held by C.T Group and Parkland Singapore) is confident of setting to work a project of MIKASA Hi-end Apartment at No.18 Nguyen Hong, bordering between Go Vap District and Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City on Oct. 13th, 2010 while house-land market is frozen.

MIKASA is located in a fanavourable position, 200 metres from Tan Son Nhat – Binh Loi Highway – a new and beautiful high way invested by Korean GS Corporation. It is also a quiet, crowded, and age-old residential area. It takes only 5 minutes for Residents at MISAKA to go to the airport and it is also connected with other traffic focuses in the city.

With the total construction area of 29.000 m2, Mikasa has one basement and 15 floors. The project is designed by Malaysian GDP Architect Company which has had more than 20 year experience and used to design many famous projects in Malaysia, in neighboring countries and in the world. In Vietnam, GDP Architect is known that its typical project is Sheraton Hotel, Ha Noi.
MIKASA use the first floor for trade and service area, the second to fifteenth floor for 156 apartments. The terrace is used for entertainment with swimming pool, garden designed and constructed based on hi-end standards. MIKASA hi-end apartment project is estimated to cost the total investment capital of 300 billion Vietnam dongs only. The project is scheduled to be completed in January, 2012.
Different from postponed important projects in District 2 and 7, there has been a lot of people registering for an apartment because it is located in a residential area where many families has just received a large compensation in Tan Son Nhat- Binh Loi Highway Project. Its marketing and selling activities are held by CBRE.

C.T Group is known as the symbol of a young, enthusiastic and diversified community with 36 small companies. Main business activities of C. T Group are Real Estate, Hi-end Retail, Construction, Finance Investment, Food-Entertainment, Health-Education Service, and Plantation – Mineral Exploitation & Ecological Travel. A strategic, synchronous combination of all business fields is a key to lead to the success of C.T Group. Since 2002, C.T Group has posted up 2 companie members are C.T International Joint Stock Company (specializing in real estate), C.T Retail Joint Stoct Company, Binh Nguyen Xanh Mineral Joint Stock Company with the total legal capital of 1.663 billion dongs, estimated 9.978 million dongs in the market price.



Blockchain expo events are booming in Silicon Valley, California, USA and Realcoin Global is attracting attention! Realcoin’s launch event at 14:30 (US time), June 5, 2024 here brings energy and


DUBAI, the United Arab Emirates, June 03, 2024 – Dubai-based Realcoin Global Tech, a member of CT Group Vietnam, today announced its expansion into the US market. Realcoin meeting potential