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In the evening of 18/12/2010, 225 children from 7 care homes gathered in courtyard of C.T Plaza building (60A Truong Son, Tan Binh District, Hochiminh city) to attend the program “Christmas for everyone” organized by C.T Group.

A group of Santa Clauses arrived at the event by different means of transport such as helicopter, Jaguar car, Vespa scooter, bicycle, sleigh, cyclo, and ox-drawn carriage. This variety conveyed a message that everyone, be they rich or poor, is entitled to have a Merry Christmas. The children received Christmas presents from the Santa Clauses. Some of them even had the chance to sit in the cockpit wearing the pilot helmet and taking pictures with the kind-looking Santa Clauses.

The helicopter and the Santa Clause will remain in CT Plaza Truong Son courtyard until 10/01/2011 to celebrate the New Year. Everyone is welcome to visit, wear the helmet and take pictures with the Santa Clause in the cockpit.

Giving Christmas present to children from care homes is an annual activity of C.T Group members. In this year’s Christmas cards sent by C.T Group, the story of The Little Match Girl was recited as a message that calls for everyone to join C.T Group in providing under-privileged children a warm Christmas so that the light of their faith and hope is not as short-lived as the light of the matches in the hands of the poor girl in the story.

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, C.T Group also donated 500 million dongs to support poor families in Binh Dinh province. In the last year, C.T Group has organized various good-will programs to provide assistance to poor families and people in hardship such as the cross-country caravan called “Benevolent Journey Sai Gon – Ha Noi 2010”, provision of medical examination and giving gifts and assistance to approximately 3000 poor families to help their children at the beginning of the new school year. The ‘Love conserving Faith’ scholarship fund has also assisted many poor students who lost their parent due to occupational accidents to overcome difficulties and given them the necessary conditions to study and develop their careers. Many of these students have succeeded in their studies and developed a good career. C.T Group also initiated the “Hearts of Sai Gon” program to present 30 million dongs to Bay Tan, the man who has voluntarily picked up litters from the river for 30 years. Recently, C.T Group has donated 100 million dongs to District 8’s fund for poor people, provided beds for patients to Duc Lang commune’s Medical center in Duc Tho district, Ha Tinh province after a major storm.



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DUBAI, the United Arab Emirates, June 03, 2024 – Dubai-based Realcoin Global Tech, a member of CT Group Vietnam, today announced its expansion into the US market. Realcoin meeting potential