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While staying as a “hidden gem” in the market, Metro Star Company has now come into the spotlight as the Metro Star project (360 Vo Nguyen Giap Avenue) is preparing for launch. The public was genuinely surprised to learn that Metro Star Company has been quietly developing for 18 years, preparing a series of projects along 6 metro lines in Ho Chi Minh City.

Metro Star Investment Company Limited (Metro Star Company) – just the name alone speaks volumes about the unique and in-depth development strategy of this enterprise. Perhaps this is the first company in Vietnam to develop such a novel and unique real estate business model.

However, this concept is not new for cities like Tokyo or Hong Kong. Tokyo’s first Ginza Metro line has been running since 1929, and 50 years later, Hong Kong introduced its first metro line in 1979. Today, Shinjuku Station in Tokyo serves 3.6 million passengers daily, holding the Guinness World Record as the busiest station in the world. Those who own businesses or real estate near these metro stations have become extremely wealthy. Is history repeating itself? Indeed, it is, and it’s happening even faster as Metro Star Company has learned from the experiences of Japan and Hong Kong to guide its customers.

So, who is Metro Star Company? Not many people know that Metro Star Company is a member of a reputable and powerful conglomerate – CT Group. What’s more surprising is that Metro Star Company has accumulated 18 years of experience in developing apartments, shophouses, and projects like I-Home that have brought buyers over 300% in profits for many years. Even the Metro Star Phase 1 project yielded a 100% return on investment for investors. Over the past 18 years, the company has silently prepared numerous land reserves near major metro stations. The company’s long-term vision aligns with the global trend towards Net-zero development of subway trains to reduce CO2 emissions, noise pollution, and traffic congestion.

Looking to the future, when all 6 metro lines in Ho Chi Minh City are fully operational, passengers will be able to transfer between trains to reach any point in the city. This will create an explosion in ridership with hundreds of millions of passengers, and over half of the city’s population will use this public transportation system. The series of residential real estate projects along these 6 metro lines are well-suited for young people who prefer a modern urban lifestyle. They are green and sustainable real estate developments, meeting ESG standards, and catering to large customers and investors who can expect continuous price appreciation.

According to statements from a company representative, Metro Star Company is well-prepared for international listing due to several favorable conditions. The company has met all necessary requirements, including years of auditing by Ernst & Young, market and product evaluations by CBRE, and international share pricing by Grant Thornton, which valued Metro Star Company’s shares at 133,000 Vietnamese dong per share. Metro Star Company has also received invitations to list internationally, as Tokyo and Hong Kong have a deep understanding of the potential and value of the projects developed along metro stations. Particularly, Ho Chi Minh City shares many similarities with Hong Kong and Tokyo as they were 30 years ago.

To celebrate its 18th anniversary on September 28, 2023, Metro Star Company is unveiling a special “10-year continuous capital increase” program. This program is designed for large customers over the next 10 years, as strategic partners and ambassadors of Metro Star Company, to share opportunities with the community.

Metro Star Investment Company Limited (Công ty TNHH Đầu tư Metro Star) is located at:

Address: 360 Đại lộ Võ Nguyên Giáp, P. Phước Long A, TP. Thủ Đức, TP.HCM, Vietnam

Hotline: 090 789 6565



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