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On April 10, 2017, Léman Cap Resort & Spa was named a winner of the 2016 Gold Circle Awards of The award not only demonstrates customers’ feeling of satisfaction towards Léman Cap Resort & Spa but also marks the new milestone in the endless effort of CT Group.

As one of the superior real estate projects of CT Group, Léman Cap has a very personal style, giving a very natural and elegant vibe, along with delicious food. Lying in the arch space of the Small Mountain and looking straight into the sea, Léman Cap is a great convergence of natural energy when guests feel the fresh wind from the sea blowing in and open their hands to catch the first ray of sunlight of the day. Never before has human life been such close to nature. And this explains why most visitors feel very comfortable while sitting or meditating here.

Rooms with a direct view of the sea welcome the early sun and fresh winds

Léman Cap is located in a quite special location. Here the modern life has yet to eradicate the inherent pristine state, with a sandy arc-shaped beach in the front bordered by a clear blue coast, boats pillowing on the waves and thousands of surfing waves afar. What an extremely romantic and peaceful scene. In the back are beautiful mountains and forests with blooming flowers and twittering birds…

With the prime location, Léman Cap Resort & Spa is a paradise with a range of facilities: a cozy restaurant, a modern gym and a classy spa area… Especially, the swimming pool gives visitors a direct and impressive view of the sea, surrounded by a green space. With its unique and perfect features, Léman Cap Resort & Spa is affectionately voted by visitors as a one-of-a-kind artistic masterpiece that brings together all the essentials of contemporary life, with Agoda’s Gold Circle Awards as the evidence.

Minh Trang, general manager of Léman Cap Resort & Spa, receives the 2016 Gold Circle Awards of is Asia’s leading global online hotel booking site. The Gold Circle Awards are determined by tourists worldwide according to criteria such as good service quality, reasonable prices, variety of products and many attractive online promotions. Together with the awarding of the 2016 Gold Circle Awards, a golden symbol has officially been attached to the name of Léman Cap Resort & Spa on the official website of Agoda.

The 2016 Gold Circle Awards are given to Léman Cap Resort & Spa

The annual Gold Circle Awards of not only recognize and honor the quality of service, display the love and satisfaction of visitors but also become a motivation for CT Group to continuously better the quality of services, constantly improve every aspect every day.

If you want to “get in touch” with nature to enjoy the peace and calm, Léman Cap Resort & Spa at 60 Ha Long St., Vung Tau City, is the right choice.

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