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LÉMAN CAP RESIDENCE – Santorini masterpiece – A diamond in the heart of Vung Tau 

According to ancient myths, the Greek island of Santorini served as the birthplace of the submerged Atlantean civilization. Today, Santorini captivates a lot of tourists with its alluring blue sea, serene-looking villas on the water, and romantic sunsets in the late afternoon. 

Léman Cap Residence, which was inspired by the idyllic island, introduced Santorini style to Vung Tau to produce a European standard living environment with a higher level for the affluent. a singular design based on Santorini architecture. 

Located in a prime spot in the center of the city of Vung Tau, with a beach in front and a forest in back. You can take a few short steps to unwind in the chilly blue water or stroll down the lovely road to take in the sea scenery. The project’s special location makes it simple to reach Vung Tau’s high-end entertainment district and the 5-star tourist route’s hub. 


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