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Kamiverse Joint Stock company brings together Vietnamese and international professors, PhDs, programmers, and computer experts, ect. especially specializing in researching the GPT language model. Kamiverse also has teams of experienced strategists, market reaserchers, and maketers.

The main product of Kamiverse is benevolent demi-gods who, with their extraordinary powers, can solve humanity’s problems and protect humanity.Kamiverse is a world of immortal demi-gods with limitless powers, which enable humans to explore endless horizons of knowledge and significantly enhance their work efficiency. This will in turn allow them more freedom to pursue their passions as well as making positive changes to their families, society, and the environment, and having a more balanced and happier life.

Notably, Kamiverse is proudly developed 100% by Vietnamese intelligence.


Kamiverse is one of the pioneers worldwide in developing and equipping every individual with their own guardians and can interact with both the world and other demi-gods. Kamiverse introduces 2 most unique artificial intelligence products, KamiBrain and KamiFace.

KAMIBRAIN: Built and developed on the foundations of Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and other technologies, KamiBrain is a super product that can create a unique demi-god for each individual. With very private data and unlimited storage provided by the Owner level, the demigod can read all books, documents, movies, music, painting, and architecture that the owner experienced when there was a lack of time. It can do hundreds of plans or analyze thousands of records in minutes, can write poetry, make music or any intellectual products.


KAMIFACE: Alongside KamiBrain, KamiFace provides the demi-god with a face of someone the owner loves, with realistic expressions, enabling shared laughter and tears during special occasions or moments.


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