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As invited guests, we took part in a Caravan trip along with nearly 300 C.T Group’s staffs, which were filled with excitement. We were genuinely “shocked” by this “fiery” team-building trip, and immersed in the passion of the most youthful and vigorous collective we’ve ever encountered, during the 5-day-4-night trip (29 April – 3 May) along a recently opened coastal route that stretches up to Lang Co, Hue.

My young companion on the bus told us with excitement and, in some way, pride: “Our company organizes this caravan program on an annual basis, each year having a different, intriguing calling: “Up the forest, down to the sea”, “C.T Group – One Faith”, “The League of Elites – Challenging Winds and Storms”, “Through Vast Steppes – Through Endless Seas”, “C.T Group’s Marine Special Force”, etc. This year’s theme is “The Flame of C.T Group” and our team has chosen the name “Legion of the wind” with the slogan “Blow Them All!”. We have an amazing lot of “breath-taking” activities, and those who are not physically prepared might actually need some “air supply”, see for yourself if you don’t believe me!” (Grinning).

Indeed, the trip was an “endless march” with tons of activities, one right after another, and the air, as you might imagine, was quite heated up; one moment we were taking pictures on the plain of Hoa Thang, Bau Trang, the next we’d already seen ourselves having supper at Nha Trang. Then, at 5 in the morning, we woke each other up for a yoga session on the beach, marking the start of a sportive, action-filled day: soccer matches, ping-pong, sepak takraw, rowing race, swimming, swimwear contest, etc. The night came down with mixed music performances by C.T Group’s “people’s” artists, then a blazing DJ show, campfire and run-on singing until late night. Yet, it was only, again, 5 in the next morning when we packed up our excitement for a pagoda visit, followed by a sunbathing session on Da Dia Rapids (Phu Yen).

Along with these thrill-enticing activities were the wonderful meals that covered a wide range of tastes, from the wilderness flavors of the jungle and the sea, to the aromatic blend of thatches, bamboo, and roast chicken during a cooking contest amidst a wind-swept bamboo forest. One moment, we were striding across the misty Ba Na summit, feasting our eyes on its archaic Europe-like view, another we were gazing upon the ashen-clouded twilight at the primordial Lang Co Lagoon, then the next was the serene sight of sand and sea at the foot of the poetic Hai Van Pass. The 300 who lived through such an experience couldn’t help but linger a part of their soul, upon catching a flight back to Sai Gon, in this land of sand, sun and wind, and seemingly endless crackling laughter, and heaps of unforgettable memories.

Throughout the journey, it came to me as an odd satisfaction and content to share with these people the remarkable moments while playing several creative collective games and just living up to my own self. Such intangible yet highly humane values, I believe, are what C.T Group endeavors to deliver to their crew. The need of the journey leaves in every staff a sensational joy with both unique memories and photos, which shall be kept safe and passed on to the next generations of the Corporation as a one-of-the-kind business cultural trait of C.T Group, thus further bolstering the love for this “second family”. Hardly had the C.T Group’s 2017 Caravan – Team building trip ended when I signed up for that of next year’s.



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