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At CT Group, everyone looks forward to the 30th of April every year for connecting the spiritual life, discovering oneself and experiencing the emotions as if living in a real family.

Through 25 years of establishment and development, the footprints of the elite warriors of CT Group have stamped on every corners of Vietnam, their colleagueship has been improving through annual trans-Vietnam journey with the themes as: “Up the forest down to the sea”, Ocean welcome, “” CT Group – a belief, “” Army elite – Challenge the sea, “Marine squad – CT Group”… Each journey is a story of consensus and development.

In 2017, keeping long-term corporate tradition on the occasion of April 30th, C.T Group continues to launch its special Caravan – 2017 Team building program for 5 days and 4 nights (from March 29 to May 3) for staff and relatives. 2017 Team Building Festival has the theme: “The Fire of CT Group” which use the image of “fire” as a symbol of youth, belief, aspirations and victory of CT Group’s people in the new age of new technology and new creation. 2017 team building program will go through the famous destinations of the country, starting from Saigon, along the new coastal road, from Hon Rom to Bau Trang, along to Phan Ri beach, then pass over Vinh Vinh Hy and Binh Tien, then to Nha Trang. After a day in Nha Trang, the CT Group people will travel along the coastline to Dai Lanh in order to enjoy beautiful beach and white sand and then pass Deo Ca to Phu Yen to visit many famous landmarks and film places named “I see yellow flowers on green grass”. Continuing the journey, along the 1A National Highway, they reside in Quy Nhon – a city famous for its beautiful scenery such as Ghenh Rang beach and Bai Trung beach, then continue to explore the scenery of Quang Ngai and famous destinations in Da Nang, Hoi An. This is the last stop before returning to Saigon. This will be a fun journey with full of exciting activities and be prepared and invested carefully.

In addition, CT Group staff will have the opportunity to participate in the competition “Pictures along the way” with attractive prizes issued by the organizers. This is a meaningful annual competition for CT Group staff to keep and share the most memorable moments in the journey as well as the opportunity to feel more deeply about the beauty of corporate culture and love his “second family”. CT Group 2017’s Caravan – Team Building promises to be a playground for its staff to improve team spirit, discipline, creativity, teamwork and the opportunity for CT Group people to explore, discover new ways of life, enjoy a fun holiday and feel the meaning of life.

Through the Caravan – 2017 Team building programs and many other meaningful activities every year, CT Group’s leaders have provided staffs with humane and meaningful playgrounds, strengthened the spirit of solidarity in CT Group. Every activity organized with a variety of carefully prepared both qualitative and quantitative, has left a deep impression on every member of the CT Group, hereby, creating a culture of CT Group. It is also a great source of motivation for CT Group to maintain and develop steadily in every socio-economic context from the time of difficulty until the development today.



Blockchain expo events are booming in Silicon Valley, California, USA and Realcoin Global is attracting attention! Realcoin’s launch event at 14:30 (US time), June 5, 2024 here brings energy and


DUBAI, the United Arab Emirates, June 03, 2024 – Dubai-based Realcoin Global Tech, a member of CT Group Vietnam, today announced its expansion into the US market. Realcoin meeting potential