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Many investors have switched to new and more profitable investment channels after the interest rate on bank deposits fell to an unattractive 9 per cent on June 11, 2012. C.T Group, in quick response, has launched a combined property – financial product called “The Hen That Lays Golden Eggs” to draw investors to the real estate market.

The product, available until Sept. 30, 2012, offers customers buying real estate products from the group, and paying before the deadline set in the contract, 12.6 per cent interest on any amount they pay above the instalment.

C.T Group will also help them get bank loans of up to 80 per cent of the apartment price, which will be interest-free for a full 24 months.

For professional investors, the group will provide price-risk insurance at a premium of 0.5 per cent of the investment value.

Other gifts will include golf accessories, Swarovski decorated lamps, and cosmetics, which the group promises to buy back if customers so wish.

The product is part of C.T Group’s programmes, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, to thank customers for their unstinting support.

The group’s real estate products are numerous and diverse to suit customers of all types, who are sure to find interesting products designed and developed in unique styles.

Among them are apartments in the Swiss-style Leman C.T Plaza tower situated right in the green centre of District 3, Saigon, targeted at overseas Vietnamese, business people, and leaders.

C.T Plaza Le Van Sy in Dist. 3 has been designed as a multi-functional cultural centre with a high-end movie theatre – with seats comparable to those of Grade C on Airbus aircraft — a library, a cafe where books are available for connoisseurs of both coffee and reading, and a gallery, to suit artists and art lovers.

Others include Thien Loc Apartments in Go Vap Dist. for young intellectuals, Bee Home units for teachers and other working people, Japanese – style C.T Plaza in Le Thanh Ton St. Dist. 1 for foreign experts and young, rising managers.

At a higher level are villas in the C.T Sphinx Golf Club & Residences that offer enormous space and a swimming pool in each unit.

For those who love living in a place where waves constantly crash against the shore and they can breathe in fresh ocean air, the Coral Boutique Apartments in the coastal city of Nha Trang, which call for only a small investment, will be the perfect choice.

The French – style villas in the Sunny Blue Cap Resort – 60 Ha Long, Vung Tau, designed in an artistic mixture of French and Vietnamese cultures of the 1940s and 1950s, offer an incomparable experience combining mountain and sea for family weekends.

The Flower Urban Area in Binh Chanh Dist., a miniature of Da Lat in the 1940s, is a blessing for people who love nature but are unable to make long journeys, with its classic wooden houses with their own gardens and swimming pools for family living and physical exercise.

There are more interesting products on offer that C.T Group has designed to meet the needs of all kinds of customers.

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Blockchain expo events are booming in Silicon Valley, California, USA and Realcoin Global is attracting attention! Realcoin’s launch event at 14:30 (US time), June 5, 2024 here brings energy and


DUBAI, the United Arab Emirates, June 03, 2024 – Dubai-based Realcoin Global Tech, a member of CT Group Vietnam, today announced its expansion into the US market. Realcoin meeting potential