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DIAMOND SQUARE – Diamond Destination – Prosperous Trading

The first shopping mall at Bong Son

Diamond Square is a high-class commercial center that attracts domestic and international visitors with its unique position converging by golden trade coordinates, exquisite architecture, trendy experience space and strategic business vision. Named as the largest and first “shopping and entertainment paradise” in the region, Diamond Square offers a bustling urban space with many high-class and rich amenities, meeting a variety of shopping needs, entertainment, recreation, relaxation, study, health care for all families and tourists from all over the world.

Modern commercial townhouse – high-class shopping and entertainment 

With wide walkways forming the busiest and most successful commercial strip in the neighborhood, Diamond Square commercial townhouse has a contemporary design and is planned to be developed in the highest-priced areas. 

A unique and bustling arch market 

The Diamond Square arch market was created as an homage to lively, colorful, and active markets around the world. With a wide selection of items and enticing regional specialties, the shops at Diamond Square Arch Market will offer a new and distinctive trading place in Bong Son, drawing thousands of shoppers everyday. 

Diamond Square has a rare diamond position and is the first commercial center in Bong Son, promising to bring strong business development potential for owners of commercial townhouses and shops here. 


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