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Latest car models, security accumulations, cash and package tours whose total value is up to VND1.3 billion are the “enormous” Tet bonuses that CT Group of  ers the collectives and individuals with outstanding performance in 2017.

With the “tradition” of giving away automobiles as Tet bo-nuses at every year-in-review ceremony, the days before this event took place, “which cars CT Group will gift its employees this year” has become a hot topic among not only the group’s staf   members but also online forums and the media. This year, CT Group is also honored to fetch the Second-Class Labor Medal from the State for its achievements in business and contributions to the community and society. Therefore, the atmosphere was extremely heady at the group as everyone was getting things ready for the ceremony of receiving the medal and summing up the year of 2017.

C.T Group was honored to receive the Second Class Labor Medal from the State.

With their remarkable performance in 2017, the Department of Mass Communi-cation at C.T Group brought home a Honda CR-V 2018, cash and other gifts worth VND1.3 billion in total. Meanwhile, Vo Thi Minh Trang, general manager of Léman Cap Resort & Spa, got the same rewards for winning the title of excellent individual in 2017. Last year, under her management, not only was Léman Cap a popular destination for many domestic and foreign tourists, but this nature resort also earned several prestigious international awards for its quality services such as the Gold Circle Awards – Agoda, the Experia Awards and the awards of…

Vo Thi Minh Trang, the “Excellent Employee of 2017”, stands by one of her rewards, a Honda CR-V 2018

With joy and astonishment, Vo Thi Minh Trang, general manager of Léman Cap Resort & Spa, said: “I was very surprised to receive the ‘Excellent Employee of 2017’ award. I always tell myself to fulfi  ll the assigned jobs and tasks. The certain success of Léman Cap Resort is also attributed to a team with joint ef  orts and solidarity over the past time. I would like to sincerely thank the Chairman for always trusting and enabling me to develop my abilities.

In 2018, Léman Cap will complete the plan of expanding its operations to more than 100 rooms, and thereafter 200 rooms in the future. C.T Group is dreaming of transforming Ha Long Road in Vung Tau into a luxury resort site following the model of the charming city of Santorini in the Mediterranean. There fore, in the future, I have to work harder to contribute to making that dream come true.

As for the gifts that come with this individual title, I would like to donate them to the or phan fund and the study promotion fund of the Group to help the disadvantaged children overcome their dii   cult circumstances, become competent and useful for the society.”

C.T Group also awards gifts worth VND125 million each for creditable individuals

Besides the generous rewards for the most outstanding collective and individual, C.T Group also handed out lots of gifts worth VND125 million each to creditable individuals and VND85 million to creditable collectives… In addition, to honor those who not only work hard but also strive to improve themselves, the real estate developer presented their employees with many other individual awards: Most Friendly Employee, Most Dynamic Employee, Most Creative Employee, Hardest-Working Employee, Fastest-Working Employee, Most Stylish Employee and Most Enthusiastic Employee with the value of VND60 million each.

The vote-based awards worth VND60 million each honor those individuals who not only work hard but also strive to improve themselves

As people are looking forward to the most important celebration of the country, the valuable rewards by C.T Group are not only encouraging, motivating its employees to aim for greater success in 2018, but will also contribute to the thriving of the movement of production and business emulation, the movement of taking care of employees in HCMC this year, as the theme of its ceremony of receiving the medal and summing up the year of 2017 may suggest: C.T Group 2018 – Connecting Globally – Keeping Up The Trend.



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