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For 31 years defining itself as a business for the community, CT Group has always been an active enterprise in initiating and sponsoring many humanitarian programs with the desire to bring good things to the society.

CT Group is the sponsor for the writing contest “Kindness around the us 2022-2023” host by the Nguoi lao dong Newspapers. On June 23, 2023, the contest came to a closing ceremony, in which, excellent writers were awarded for their good writings. The Organizing Committee also honors and provides cash support to those who have made useful contributions to the community or are in extremely difficult circumstances but still overcome their fate.

Doing good, reaching out to many people and creating many beautiful dreams, that is also the proud mission of CT Group

The contest drew over 200 submissions from throughout the country. Each article tells the real story about nice people and good actions. They are vibrant, inspiring individuals with lovely lifestyles, setting a positive example for others to learn from and emulate.

When Nguyen Vo Anh Tuan was 22, he was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and died at the age of 22. He offered his eyes to two other individuals so that they might lift the darkness and see the light again. Or Mr. Tran Van Hong (87) and his wife Nguyen Thi My (71), who work hard every day to make vegetarian meals for 0VND to distribute to the needy. The two elders’ acts touched many others, allowing the more meals to be donated other to join hands to assist the impoverished to enjoy.

“There are always many people around us who are willing to give of themselves in order to pursue a society full of kindness.” This is also the aim that CT Group’s founders are relentlessly pursuing. As a result, CT Group has worked for many years to promote love and compassion by following examples of good people and good actions, caring for the less fortunate, and assisting them in overcoming life’s problems. We think that as more good activities and nice individuals are promoted, good will spread, leading to the development of a better, healthier, and more civilized society.

CT Group’s representative directly expressed his gratitude to the people who were rich in kindness and the characters in the contest submissions

​CT Group has always been committed to the community, from its inception till now, after 31 years of development (June 29, 1992 – June 29, 2023). CT Group’s core values are sacrifice and service to the community through thousands of very active social activities ranging from relief, medical examination and treatment, to assisting the poor in overcoming difficulties, from schoolchildren to the elderly, young people, and women, from planting forests to green bare hills to collecting trash from canals in provinces, from universities to their excellent students, etc. And many other meaningful programs were hosted by the Nguoi lao dong Newspapers under the sponsorship of CT Group.​

CT Group’s path to become a corporate symbol rich in humanity is progressively being reacted to and encouraged by the acts, deeds, and contributions of all individuals, from leadership to employees, from small to big. Quietly doing good, reaching out to many people and making many wonderful dreams come true. That is also CT Group’s proud mission. ​



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