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These days, Tan Son Nhat International Airport is once again a hot topic for public discussions. The need to relieve the pressure and congestion here has become more urgent than ever. The spectacle of passengers overcrowding, pushing each other and getting exhausted is really haunting, which affects everyone not just tourism development and gives a negative impression of Vietnam. Thousands of discussions have been held without any neat solution figured out yet. The collective strength of the whole society is essential for solving this problem. Participatory development is an indispensable trend.

In such context, CT Group has kicked off the air service complex named Space Ship One (SS1) over eight hectares on Truong Chinh Street, west of Tan Son Nhat, to help reducing the pressure on the airport as quickly as possible.

As a leader in comprehensive urban development solutions, CT Group pioneers SS1 to contribute to easing the pressure on Tan Son Nhat. The complex consists of passenger lounge, check-in area, convention center, shopping centers, services, food courts, entertainment area, accommodation for passengers in transit, rehabilitation area and logistics area. Remarkably, SS1 has a 70,000-square-meter underground zone for passengers to park their vehicles before they catch a bus to the airport.

The highlight of SS1 is a tunnel connecting with Metro Station No. 9 that goes along Truong Chinh Street. Metro passengers via the SS1 transit station will board a bus that takes a dedicated path to the airport.

With total investment of US$200 million, SS1 will be a long-term solution that not only accompanies the city in perfecting its airport planning and significantly reducing the pressure on Tan Son Nhat, but also contributes a lot of utilities to tourism and the development of the urban railway system. Instead of waiting for the State to spend trillions of dong and go through many time-consuming procedures, CT Group takes on the job and will complete it in 18 months. What the investor needs is only supports from the State. CT Group has made a written request for the placement of a check-in counter in SS1 and an internal bus service to take passengers to the airport.

To sponsor the project, CT Group inked an agreement with Japanese investment fund Real Capital in Tokyo on June 5, 2017, in the presence of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

This is really good news for the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Finance, HCMC and the whole country. A participatory development model for rapid growth needs to be widely spread. If there was a plan for participatory development of some components of Long Thanh International Airport, the State would certainly not need to spend US$16 billion and be able to do the project much faster.

The air service complex SS1 is designed as significant pressure relief for Tan Son Nhat International Airport

SS1 with total investment of more than US$200 million helps the State save trillions of dong

CT Group Chairman shakes hands with a Real Capital representative at the agreement signing ceremony in Tokyo attended by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc



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