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On the morning of December 26, 2022, CT Group in cooperation with the Ho Chi Minh City’s Steering Committee of Blood Donation Campaign successfully organized the voluntary blood donation program of Red Spring Festival 2023 for the occasion of Tet. More than 200 CTers joined in, some donated not only 250ml but up to 450ml of blood.

CTers join in the Blood Donation Campaign

Attended at the program site were Mrs. Huynh Thi Xuan Lam, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Central Red Cross Society, Mr. Tran Truong Son, Chairman of the Red Cross Society Ho Chi Minh City, representatives of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, and officers of Binh Thanh district Red Cross Society.

From 7:00 a.m, a lot of CTers have lined up waiting for their turn to be examined to be qualified for blood donation. Many have attended these activities many times before, most of them understand the humanitarian meaning of their actions.

The campaign of voluntary blood donation of Red Spring 2023 on the occasion of Tet was organized to help overcome the shortage of blood for emergency and patient treatment during the Lunar New Year holidays. This is an annual program with the response of dozens of provinces and cities across the country. In 2023, the whole country aims to receive 1.47 million blood units, equivalent to about 1.8 million blood units with a volume of 250ml.

A timely blood donation contribute to ensure enough blood for emergency and patient treatment

Truong Nguyet Que (Center for Talent Development, CT Group) shared her feelings: “A lot of people are really in need of blood to continue living. So, donating blood is a meaningful act for society, and at the same time benefits the blood donors. As it is the right thing to do, I am always ready to donate my blood as long as the circumstances allow me to do so.”

Mr. Tran Truong Son, Chairman of the City Red Cross Society Ho Chi Minh expressed: “Today, I would like to say many thanks to CT Group for not only taking care of life for the group’s employees, but also evoking their love and solidarity with the community through blood donation act to timely cure and reserve for Tet holidays, to provide for emergency cases of anemia and those that need blood. It all comes from the heart when blood is not like medicine. Nothing can replace blood…”

The Red Cross expresses their gratitude to CT Group for giving hand in the meaningful Campaign

As the Tet holiday draws near, the number of voluntary blood donors decreases, while the demand for blood for treatment increases, this is a great pressure on the health sector. With 250 units of blood donated by employees of CT Group. This is a very humane action and full responsibility to the community. It is expected that there will be more companies to follow and respond to have adequate blood throughout the year as well as on special occasions before, during, and after Tet.