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Sitting quietly in the middle of the hall, Thoan Apolloh suddenly smiled when he was called up to receive a scholarship and mid-autumn gift from Mr. Tran Kim Chung – Chairman of CT Group.

Gifts that spread love

Thoan Apolloh is one of 60 Cham students with difficult circumstances and orphans whose parents died due to the COVID-19 epidemic in District 8 who received the “Nguyen Huu Tho scholarship” in collaboration with CT Group. The Standing Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of District 8 was held in the afternoon of September 9, 2022. Attending the program was also the special attention of Mr. Truong Hoa Binh, former Politburo member and former Standing Deputy Prime Minister.

Not only are the gifts full of love before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the scholarships at the beginning of the new school year are such timely support and care for the children to feel secure and steady in going to school. Thoan Apolloh, a 12th grade student at Luong Van Can High School, has had 2 consecutive years of receiving the Nguyen Huu Tho scholarship. She was moved to share: “This is a very meaningful gift, and a great motivation for me to overcome difficulties. As my grades improved, I was able to draw bigger and better dreams”.

Mr. Tran Kim Chung, Chairman of CT Group, emphazied education as a priority concern of the corporation.

​Recognizing the heart of the CT group, Mr. Kim So-vicar of Anwar Church, Ward 1, District 8, said: “Very happy, children of the Cham ethnic group are eager to learn and work hard. The number of children entering universities and colleges is increasing, partly thanks to well-meaning businesses for economic help. They must be facilitated to pursue knowledge so that their future will be bright, and then they will return to help the next generation. I think that the scholarships awarded by CT Group not only have material value but also serve as a shining example for children to feel and emulate about humanity and the goodness that always accompanies them”.

Take care of the next generation

​As a leading multi-industry corporation with a comprehensive urban development model, during its 30-year history, the founders of CT Group have consistently pursued the business philosophy, sustainable development and associated with social responsibility, contributing to the process of an increasingly beautiful Vietnam.

Taking care of education is one of the priority fields of the group, besides the areas of prosperity, healthcare, and disaster relief. The CT Group has initiated, sponsored, and participated in many meaningful and useful social projects with the desire to spread kindness by helping and harboring the less fortunate, especially children, the future generation of the country. The group has accompanied and awarded the “Nguyen Huu Tho scholarship” as an annual activity. CT Group previously supported the Vu A Dinh scholarship fund and the club “For Dear Hoang Sa-Truong Sa” to help ethnic minorities and disadvantaged island students gain more opportunities to study, to become intellectuals, and be qualified to build their homeland.

CT Group persistently carries out its mission of contributing to building an increasingly beautiful Vietnam

​Since 2009, CT Group has also initiated and developed the “Saigon Heart Fund” to actively contribute to spreading the spirit of love and sharing good examples of good people in society and difficult learning situations. Over the past decade, many poor students who have excelled in studies across the country have been sponsored and sponsored by CT Group to help them enjoy a quality education, thereby having a better life in future.

In the warm atmosphere of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, CT Group continues to light up the lamps of love, spreading good responsibility, so that the children who have difficulties could indeed advantage. Even though they are orphans, they are still supported and cared for.



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