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On the morning of September 30, 2022, CT Group officially signed a cooperation agreement with the Vietnam Elderly Association to deploy activities to provide and improve knowledge about modern medical technology, thereby helping improve health, life expectancy, and quality of life of the elderly in Vietnam.

The signing ceremony is an important initial step in creating a coordination mechanism to promote the advantages of each side in cooperating in implementing social security activities that the two sides have cherished and nurtured over the years.

In which, CT Group commits to supporting the Elderly Association in conducting scientific research, building a database of information on Vietnamese elderly people, organizing periodic events, training seminars, etc., fostering health protection knowledge and skills for a happy and healthy life for members, etc., towards ensuring comprehensive and sustainable social security. Currently, the elderly make up about 12% of the population. and will continue to rise rapidly as Vietnam enters the aging population period. In particular, in the context of the United Nations declaration of the “Decade of Aging” (2021–2030), improving the lives of the elderly, their families, and the communities in which they live must be given special attention.

Representatives of CT Group and Vietnam Elderly Association signed a cooperation agreement. 

The cooperation between CT Group and the Vietnam Elderly Association is a proactive and visionary activity about investing in sustainable social security. The association of an economic group with strong potential with the Vietnam Elderly Association, the core social organization in the care of the elderly, will create great power to promote and spread programs to improve the quality of life of the elderly across the country, from the smallest grassroots units. In addition, it also creates conditions for the elderly with enthusiasm to continue to contribute within their capacity.

CT Group’s representative commits to accompany the elderly to “live blissfully, live healthy, live happily” 

At the signing ceremony, Chairman of CT Group-Tran Kim Chung said: “Old age is not measured by age anymore, but by health index. That is, there is no biological age limit. If you are healthy and sharp, you can still work. It can be seen that, at present, the elderly still participate in scientific research, training, production labor, business, and many other roles in society, contributing valuable experience, valuable products, and contributing to the general development of the country, which is very necessary for society. It is necessary to create conditions for enthusiastic elderly people to continue promoting their roles. ”

Consistent with the business philosophy and sustainable development associated with social responsibility, CT Group assumes the responsibility of investing in social security with practical, diverse, and comprehensive programs for each specific and focused class. In all its activities and development process, CT Group actively initiates many useful social programs, such as sponsoring disadvantaged children, awarding scholarships to students at all levels, helping the less fortunate, being practical companions with honest people to spread kindness in society, etc.

CT Group was honored by the State with activities for the elderly 

On the International Day of the Elderly (1/10/2022), CT Group was honored to be awarded a certificate of honor by the State leadership for its positive contributions to the care of the material and spiritual lives of the elderly. age. The CT Group will continue to take advantage and promote the group’s strengths to create many utilities to support the elderly, helping improve physical health, mental health, and longevity to be “living blissfully, living healthy, living happiness”.



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