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Within the framework of the “Vietnam Eco Building Week 2022”, on the evening of October 13, CT Group was highly recognized by the Ministry of Construction for its significant contributions to the construction and development of Eco Buildings in Vietnam. 

Eco Buildings in the process of developing sustainable urbans 

In accordance with the Government’s commitment to Zero emissions by 2050, CT Group and its ESG Council are inevitably going forward, owing to their scientific and technological expertise and mission for the community since the group’s establishment. Having noticed the severe consequences of climate change on Vietnam, CT Group conducts several highly engagements to inspire the Vietnamese business community. In which, Sustainable Urban and Eco Building are considered as part of the Group’s overall ESG strategy in the path of sustainable development.

CT Group was honored by the Ministry of Construction as ” Units with significant contributions to the construction and development of Eco Buildings in Vietnam”

CT Group has developed remarkably unique and sophisticated models that cover five criteria for urban sustainability: “Business, Environment, Community, Technology, and Culture.” Aside from initiatives that have won international prizes for best innovative green buildings, such as Leman and Metro Star, there are other projects that specialized in 3R like DIYAS (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), that contribute many additional social benefits, such as providing an incubator for the creativity of young communities.

The constructions are designed with the consideration of harmony with nature and the protection of biological diversity. CT Group uses low-emission or recycled products to lessen its environmental effect. When compared to comparable initiatives, electricity and water usage are always lowered by up to 25%.

Furthermore, to seize every opportunity presented by the technological revolution, CT Group has been investing in innovation, continuing to participate in green technology, and collaborating with major global enterprises. In particular, the group collaborates in the latest scientific research and application to improve urban quality and urban space with today’s most dynamic economies, such as Israel and Finland, to collaborate in research and application, using modern science to enhance urban quality and urban space for citizens.

Above all, the most compelling reason for CT Group’s buildings is to create a decent living environment in which people may elevate their daily lives to a Living Art, allowing each individual to enjoy a Home Lifestyle Brand.

CT Group works to conserve ecology and enhance people’s quality of life 

Participating in the United Nations Climate Change Summit (COP26) in the UK, CT group has the opportunity to connect with many world environmental organizations and support the Government’s commitment to Zero emissions by 2050.

On days from October 13 to 14, the “Vietnam Eco Buildings Week 2022” chaired by the Ministry of Construction, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the International Finance Corporation, IFC, The Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC), IEC Consulting and related organizations has drew over 1,200 delegates from ministries, sectors, organizations, agencies, researchers, developers, project managers, investors, domestic and international experts together to dialogue, connect and cooperate in many ways to come up with solutions and action plans to promote eco buildings.

The most compelling reason for CT Group initiatives is to improve the quality of life

At the event, CT Group served as both a sponsor and an active advocate for activities promoting Vietnam’s green and clean environment. CT Group has been recognized for its significant contributions to green building development in Vietnam over the last 30 years. The Group has also been gaining a great deal of attention and backing from international organizations. ​



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