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On the evening of August 11, at Gem Center, Ho Chi Minh City, CT Group continued to be honored with the prestigious award of “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” – The best place to work in Asia 2022 by the continent’s leading magazine – HR Asia. 

This is the second time CT Group has received this prestigious award and the first time that this Corp has surpassed nearly 600 “competitors” in Vietnam to achieve the highest score: 4.68/5 points (94%). This score is 25% higher than the average score of businesses competing across Asia in 2022 and far from the average score of Vietnam.

It is known that to achieve this position that many businesses across the continent aim for is not easy, because the list of “Asia’s Best Places to Work” is selected through an extremely rigorous evaluation process. slots according to the TEAM (Total Engagement Assessment Model) model – based on a set of criteria including: Core, Self, Group applied to major human resource markets in Asia. Accordingly, CORE (Collective Organization for Real Engagement) assesses culture, discipline, management capacity, leadership and agile initiatives; SELF (Heart, Mind, Soul) assesses the level of cohesion, pride and emotion at work; and GROUP (Think, Feel, Do) measure the level of cooperation of members with businesses.

At the honoring ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tien Phuong Deputy Director – Community Human Resources Department of CT Group said: “CT Group is extremely proud to become one of the Enterprises with a fantastic working environment in Asia 2022. Our group is the center of human development with a way of wisdom, dignity, skills and lifestyles. In addition, to economic development for common prosperity for all members and their families. “360-degree policy” – is a policy that cares for the development of physical and spiritual life in all aspects. On the 30th anniversary of the Corporation establishment, CT group has awarded attractive ESOP stock bonus, even a chauffeur received ESOP stock shares which equal to 10 billion VND, life insurance – Lifetime insurance with preferential rates. to billions of VND… The market is always impressed with the team that rewards cars for employees annually, everyone is happy in an open and especially loving environment. At work, employees also have the opportunity for physical training, improve health and feel a positive life. In addition, CT Group regularly organizes entertainment activities, social participation, tourism and vacation every year. Moreover, the journey of CT Group Caravan is one of the important pieces to build the corporate culture at the Group. The activity was inspired by the program of West Point Military Academy (USA), which trained many leaders globally. If you like the community service activities, the CT group is an opportunity for all of you to join hands to contact the community right away, the honest poor, the weak in society, because the core value of CT Group is a corporation for the community right from the early days of its establishment. For young people who love hi-tech, CT Group is the door to access science and technology from the world and enter the future 4.0 of humanity. The catchphrase from veteran employees:” CT group is a place where ordinary employee can become great people”.

After 3 decades of establishment and development, with the second 30-year plan, CT group aims to add resources up to 25,000 by 2025, CT Group is attracting many outstanding talents not only in domestic but also all over the world, from foreigners to expatriates with knowledge, overseas talents, those from many different fields such as High Technology (Cell Tech, Fintech, AI, Protech, Flytech, Clean Energy ) finance, construction, sales – marketing, … to contribute to diversifying the staff network, serving the strategy of technological transformation with a scale spread throughout the Group including 50 companies members and work offices in many countries around the world.

With the second time being honored as “Asia’s Best Place to Work”, CT Group not only once again affirms its position but also prepares strongly for the upcoming global integration, becoming more and more “classic, quality, difference” in creating an ideal and desirable working environment for the community. ​



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