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CT Group leaders stressed dedication to the larger community and determination to overcome great odds at a ceremony to celebrate its 31st anniversary.

Emotions ran high with laughter and tears at the ceremony held Thursday as employees recalled their struggles and achievements, with many receiving awards for outstanding performances.

A senior CT Group executive speaks at a ceremony held to celebrate the group’s 31st anniversary

Executives lauded employees for making great efforts to overcome difficulties and “make the impossible possible”. Group chairman Tran Kim Chung extended his sincere thanks to all staff members and partners at the ceremony.

“The external context is still full of unpredictable difficulties and challenges but the thing worth being proud of is that all members of CT Group always stay united for the common mission and strongly overcome difficulties to study, work and develop, and to surpass themselves day after day. The enthusiasm and tireless efforts to complete each job, small to large, have connected and motivated us to move forward,” he said.

The CT Group “troops” are still quietly and relentlessly moving forward while staying loyal to the core value of bringing the best to the community, he added.

Stupendous growth

From a small company established in 1992, when the country was in the first stages of opening and integrating into the world economy, CT Group has grown to a large business with more than 60 member companies at home and abroad.

These companies operate in nine key economic fields, six of which are core technology industries in tune with the Industry 4.0 revolution: Artificial Intelligence Technology – with Kamiverse (Vietnam) and CTOptimal (France); Crypto Technology with Realcoin Global (Dubai); UAV Technology with CT UAV; Gene & Cell Technology with VGCT company (Israel-Vietnam); New Energy Technology with HydroCo (Vietnam); and Quantum Technology with Anam Quantum (Vietnam).

Each product created by the group is the past 31 years was the result of efforts to “think good things and do good deeds, with the goal of making the community better and better,” a company release said.

For instance, the group has pioneered development of affordable housing for the youth with its DIYAS brand that has products starting at VND850 million ($36,000) per unit.

Its projects boast long-term value and meet real needs of the people including apartments along Ho Chi Minh City’s metro lines in complexes titled Metro Star, Metro 9, and Metro City.

Notably, the Metro Star project has won international awards for green architecture, which the group has focused on in its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy for sustainable development.

In responding to the Industry 4.0 revolution, the group identified and seized opportunities in a timely manner, deploying its second 30-year plan based on in-depth studies and scientific projections.

The group was quick to seize the trends of developing the hydrogen industry, promoting clean and green energies, and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The group has always taken the happiness of people and society as the foundation for all ideas and high-tech products of real value for the community and the country, the release said. These “Make in Vietnam” artificial technology (AI) products can help people do “unimaginable” amounts of work.

An employee is honored at CT Group’s 31st anniversary ceremony for successfully overcoming difficulties in study and work. Photo courtesy of the group

​The community service work done over the years was also highlighted at the ceremony. The group has engaged in thousands of social activities on many fronts to support the poor, disadvantaged students, the elderly, young people and women. Many meaningful and useful programs initiated and sponsored by the group have helped many individuals overcome challenges and contribute to improving the life of society as a whole.



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