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The cooperation handshake between the two leading corporations in the fields of real estate and travel will bring outstanding benefits to the customer community, as well as the personnel of the two sides, in order to promote growth and diversification. Diversify business activities, connect exploitation in the two sides’ ecosystems to improve market competitiveness…

Double benefits: buying a house and counting travel gifts

On September 8, 2022, CT Group, Vietnam’s leading multi-industry economic group, officially signed a cooperation agreement with Vietravel, an enterprise that owns thousands of famous domestic and foreign tours. At the signing event of a comprehensive cooperation agreement, representatives of Vietravel and CT Group agreed on the linkage, ensuring long-term and sustainable cooperation on the basis of the advantages of the two sides to exploit the best use of its potential.

Representatives of CT Group and Vietravel signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

​More specifically, CT Group and Viettravel will jointly research and develop special products and programs to bring customers the most optimal values, such as coordinating to develop policies for customers, increasing synergistic value, providing more preferential packages and utilities in the affiliated ecosystem for customers to have more new and attractive experiences in the fields of aviation, tourism and investment…

With this cooperation, the two top brands in Vietnam continue to increase privileged benefits, helping customers have a high-class living, resort, and enjoyment experience. Moreover, CT Group and Vietravel will jointly develop a product system and special preferential policies according to the needs of each customer group. The close connection of tourism, lodges, and investment will meet the needs of customers at the most optimal cost.

Real estate and tourism cooperate to improve the quality of life

Real estate and tourism are two closely related fields. When iconic projects form on new lands, investment in facilities, infrastructure, landscaping, and surrounding utilities will follow. In particular, the appearance of the shophouse type will pave the way for international and domestic brands to invest. Not only are the chains of culinary restaurants, coffee shops, bars, pubs, etc., in multinational style from East to West, but also fashion showrooms, cosmetics, and branded accessories gather, creating a chain of complete experiences that break the monotony of tourist products and attract tourists from all over the world.

These 2 “big cheese” promise to bring luxury experiences to customers.

The allure of real estate continues to drive the growth of the tourism industry. The travel tour network conveniently connects destinations. As a result, the collaboration of the two “big guys” in these fields, such as CT Group and Vietravel, has both increased benefits and improved service quality and quality of life for the customer community, as well as contributed to the tourism industry’s rapid development.

In the largest economic hubs of the nation, such Ho Chi Minh City, CT Group often engages in constructing numerous new projects on a scale of thousands of hectares. Tens of thousands of housing items and shophouses are ready to be supplied by Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Da Nang, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, and other locations, opening up new potential travel destinations. Additionally, Vietravel focuses on promoting tours in these areas. CT Group and Vietravel are able to provide consumers with a variety of valuable privileged experiences thanks to the advantages of this ecosystem.



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