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CT Group and the Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in several industries on October 7, 2022, offering tangible advantages and developing sustainable links between the Vietnam and Hong Kong business community.

CT Group and Vietnam Hong Kong Business Association become each other’s comprehensive partners, ensuring long-term and sustainable cooperation to develop available potentials. 

CT Group is the first multi-industry economic group in Vietnam to sign an official cooperation agreement with the Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam (HKBAV). At that moment, CT Group and HKBAV will coordinate to promote the development of each party’s strengths and create the maximum conditions for research and development in areas of mutual interest. In comparison, members of HKBAV will accompany CT Group to expand investment opportunities through cultural, sports, entertainment, trade promotion events, etc. in Vietnam as well as Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is one of the four Asian economic dragons and an important international financial center. Since 1999, the Vietnam Hong Kong Business Association has been established in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political organization of Hong Kong businesses in Vietnam. The Association plays an important role in enhancing the flow of investment, business as well as two-way trade between Vietnam and Hong Kong; creating favorable conditions for alliances between small and medium-sized companies of the two countries; and contributing to enhancing Vietnam’s position in the Hong Kong business community and vice versa.

CT Group is making rapid progress in high-tech fields: Fintech, Cell Tech, Fly Tech, Digital Banking, Hitech Construction, E-Commerce, Renewable Energy, Hitech Education, AI, Quantum… efforts to bring Vietnam in line with the 4.0 revolution. The Group has carried out a series of foreign investment cooperation promotion activities with a visionary strategy and implemented them with determination, efficiency, and speed, ready to conquer new heights.

Hong Kong Vietnam Business Association will accompany CT Group to expand international investment opportunities

CT Group has, is, and will expand the scale of representative offices across countries, with priority given to leading dynamic economies such as Israel, Geneva (Switzerland), Canada, Dubai, etc., as a launching pad for the revolution. CT Group’s major network in the creative era.

The cooperation agreement between CT Group and the Vietnam Hong Kong Business Association opens up many privileges for CT Group to penetrate deeper into the Hong Kong market. Moreover, with the advantage of being the place where headquarters and branch offices of most of the world’s major corporations are concentrated, Hong Kong will be an important “connecting station” for CT Group to promote globalization. and facilitate the implementation of many other bold plans in key areas.

Appreciating this partnership, Mr. Tran Kim Chung, Chairman of the CT Group said: “We are standing together in front of a huge door to open up a new world. A lot of things will change, and a lot of new technologies will be adopted. As a result, CT Group broadens its collaboration relationships in order to collaborate creatively and confidently enter new development doors. Working together, we can create a better new world.”

Agreeing with the above statement, Mr. Michael Chiu – President of HKBAV, further affirmed: “Our success is greatly supported by our global network of partners. “With CT Group being a large corporation in Vietnam, with this cooperation, we believe it will open up a lot of development opportunities for both sides”.

The comprehensive signing ceremony is an important step to increase the competitiveness of the two countries in the context of globalization. 

Cooperation with Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam actively contributes to the process of global conquest of CT Group, besides making an important contribution to promoting bilateral cooperation in economy and trade. , investment, technology between Vietnam and Hong Kong. ​



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