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CT Group – the total new urban developer – was honored as one of the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” by HR Asia – a leading Asian publication for HR professionals – at a grand ceremony held at Gem Center, Ho Chi Minh City on July 1, 2020.

Throughout its almost three decades of operation, CT Group has played an active role in the country’s development, contributing greatly to the prosperity of Vietnam’s economy, as well as making life better for its employees.

The “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” award is yet another testament to CT Group’s people-centric, positive and sustainable HR strategy that the company has built up for years.

CT Group was honored with “HR Asia – Best Companies to Work for 2020”

The most desirable benefit policies for employees

The leaders of CT Group always have a deep sympathy for their people, caring about how they live, how they feel, and what their concerns are. They understand that the struggle to make ends meet might sometimes prevent their employees from pursuing their own passions and dreams. Therefore, the top priority of CT Group is to focus on a comprehensive set of benefit and welfare policies that help free employees from financial pressures so that they can rest assured and make the best career contributions and achievements.

Mr. Tran Van Thai – CT Group’s Human Resource and Community Director – delivered his speech at HR Asia Awards 2020 ceremony

This is the foundation of the company’s 360-degree benefit policy called “Lifetime prosperity, happy family, excellent children”. At CT Group, employees are offered well-deserved salaries that are at least 10% higher than the industry’s average, plus a host of regular and irregular recognition policies, achievement bonuses granted every three or six months, a special reward worth 1 tael of gold for every long-term employee who has been working for the company for five years upwards, and plenty of privileges in terms of housing, shopping and travelling exclusively for CT Group’s people.

Not only taking care of employees themselves, the Company also offers special benefits to their family and children, knowing that a happy, financially-stable family is a strong motivation driving employees to their career success. With this in mind, CT Group has launched “Family Manager” program which incorporates financial packages for employees who are the main provider of the family, scholarships for employees’ kids, and gifts for their family on important occasions like holidays or birthday.

Furthermore, to ensure a future free from financial burdens for employees to enjoy life to the fullest, CT Group has kicked off its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in which employees can receive stock with total value up to billions of dong as a bonus, and dividends that ensures stable income for a lifetime. This human-centric strategy reflects the Company’s recognition and appreciation of its people’s contributions and efforts. Most importantly, this policy helps free employees from their bread-and-butter issues and allows them to do what they really want to do, totally worry-free, and make every working day a joyful day.

A CT Group employee shared: “When stepping into CT Group, you will not only become part of the Company but also venture into the journey of becoming the best version of yourself.”

The second home for a sustainable career

Offering a satisfying work environment and outstanding HR policies, CT Group deserves to be recognized as the second home where employees can lay their trust on, make a long-term commitment to, and build a successful career.

CT Group provides its people with an ideal open workplace boasting refreshing green spaces and hi-end amenities, including a well-equipped pantry, a quite reading cornet, a comfortable nap room, and gym and fitness classes that help improve employees’ overall wellness. That’s what makes CT Group the second home where employees can work with full inspiration, innovation and passion.

Noticeably, CT Group is well-known with its annual Caravan team building program that aims to hone the employees’ nerves of steel, strong will, and bold steam spirit. The program is inspired by the United States Military Academy West Point that trains outstanding leaders for the society.

Caravan Team Building Trip – a signature annual programm by CT Group

On the journey towards being one of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia, CT Group has bagged a number of prestigious HR awards, including “Winner of Choice” by CareerBuilder, and awards for excellent workplace and recruitment activities by Vietnamworks and Anphabe. Such achievements is the fruit of a holistic HR vision, a corporate culture that encourages contribution, and a management philosophy towards work-life balance embraced by CT Group leaders.



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