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With 25 years in development projects in Vietnam, CT Group has been a leading multi-sector corporation, which now has its sight set on a perfectly integrated urban concept. CT Group has become the symbol of a young, dynamic, and diversified community. Established in 1992, CT Group has been unceasingly growing along with the strong development of the nation during its integration in to the world economy.

With 36 member companies, CT Group is focusing on 6 firmly connected sectors: Real Estate, Hi-end Retail, Corporate Finance, Construction and Design, Food and Beverage – Entertainment and Education – Health Services, Ecotourism, of which the Real Estate and Hi-end Retail sectors are the most important sectors that CT Group is centrally developing. The strategic combination synchronization of all business areas is the key to the success of CT Group.

We strive to build and develop CT Group into a humane corporation with prosperity, equality, and harmony, contributing to Vietnam’s economy and society, promoting Vietnam to international friends.

As a leading multi-sector corporation, CT Group successfully and  proudly formed CT Land Joint Stock Company (CT Land is currently a member of the CT Group) which holds four key real estate sectors including: residential real estate, retail real estate, logistics real estate and tourism real estate. CT Land is developing five brands of residential real estate, Léman is a luxury apartment brand, CT Plaza and Metro Star belong to the mid-high apartment brand, I-Home is the affordable apartment brand and Bee Home is the affordable rental apartment brand. Special, each project, construction is a work of art expressing the creativity and unique mark only available at CT Group.

CT Land is one of the leading units in Retail Real Estate in Vietnam, with an extremely diverse land fund for retail sector. CT Land is providing lots of retail ground spaces like SS1 Mega Mall – the biggest mall in Vietnam with 11 zones of 8.2 ha. The entertainment service includes a chain of cinemas, discotheques, karaoke bars. Financial service: ATM, counters of banks, money exchange counter, bank branches. Advertising spots indoors and outdoors.

With Logistics Real Estate, CT Song Than is a member of CT Land specialized in developing logistics real estate including warehouse distribution centers, parking, port… Especially, CT Song Than is focusing on parking service and retail logistics. CT Song Than has also developed hi-tech industrial zones such as Quy Duc Industrial Zone.

In Tourism Real Estate, C.T Group has developed high-class resorts with a design and business model close to nature. Léman Cap Resort & Spa Vung Tau is designed artistically and is the intersection of two cultures Vietnam – France from the 40s and 50s. Léman Tree Resort in Nha Trang is a freshly green oasis, separately lying on green, peaceful Cai River. Léman Bay Resort is located at Cam Ranh bay.

Besides Real Estate, Retail is very strong development with many market segments from big supermarkets for the masses to foreign luxury brands exclusively distributed in Vietnam. The premium supermarket Bon Grocer, a chain of fresh food, wine and soft drinks stores and Cuba’s premier Cigar store, Oyster Bar… In addition, Mega Mall on the intersection of Cong Hoa and Truong Chinh streets is considered as the newly modern shopping mall which is one of the pioneers in developing first Mega Mall in Vietnam. C.T Group had collaborate with Auchan – a leading retail group in Europe, Auchan is hypermarket chain with a wide range of competitively priced goods at Vietnan. C.T Retail is also an exclusive distributor at Vietnam of many foreign brands.

Besides Real Estate and Retail sectors, Financial Investment is also a potential field with lots ofpotential for C.T Group. It not only helps the group with capital gains, but it also extends its brand and opens new doors for C.T Group to actively participate in the equitization process of state-owned enterprises, and to investments in the finacial sector.

At the same time, in the Construction sector, C.T Group has developed many large real estate projects and transport infrastructure.

In Food and Beverage – Entertainment, C.T Group is on the way to develop various forms of restaurants as well as food courts: which is located at Space Ship One shopping area, Moon Palace Restaurant – a luxury Chinese restaurant specializing in Guangdong cuisine, Ngu Thien Luxury Restaurant specilizing in seafood… It is also an interesting attraction that creates values and improves living quality of urban areas.

Every one of us as well as the community are proud of CT Group by its effective social activities, full of kindness, no matter favorable or difficult time in the business.

At C.T Group, internal and external affairs always go hand in hand. Comprehensive human development, autonomy, strength and happiness are tremendous values that C.T Group brought to its people. Group leaders are proud to give full attention to the training and development of employees and managers in the corporation. In the history of more than 23 years of establishment and development, the corporation has been through many difficulties and challenges, but the welfare for the staff has always been increased with a range of other incentives in shares, relaxation, training, housing, or we can say it is the ideal of C.T Group to create a miniature society with justice and prosperity.

More importantly, to keep up with the International Trends and adapt the Fourth Technological Revolution, the Board of Directors of C.T Group has paid full attention to the investment in information technology to manage and operate the business which has achieved an impressive progress with has applied ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning System. ERP is the overall management software, which allows C.T Group to control its human resources. Hereafter, it is possible to plan to exploit these resources properly thanks to the business processes set up in the system.

C.T Group has made a great stride over the 20th and 21st centuries, working its way through many hardships, with heart and team spirit. These successes were acomplished through ambitious dreams, a burning desire to achieve a better future, and the pioneering footsteps to explore new horizons, expand economic territory, and honor the homeland. C.T Group are courageous and passionate entrepreneurs and ready to stand up against challenge of the 21st century, always longing to explore and conquer new horizons with determination and faith in the victory. They will do our best for our lofty mission, for a beautiful future of Vietnam.

 Actual pictures of interior green wall in luxurious living space at Léman Luxury Apartments 

I-home is a Brand of Intelligent apartments in the affordable  apartments segment

 Resort Léman Cap Vung Tau at small mountainside and enjoying views of the sea

 Mega Mall is considered as the newly modern shopping mall with 11 zones of 8.2 ha



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