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On April 10th, 2024, the representatives of Carbon Credit Trading Platform ASEAN Joint Stock Company (CCTPA) gave 70 computers for 3 school in Dien Bien province, contributing to create a quality studying environment, supporting the children on the journey of intergration, development of the digital technology arena.

Specifically, 70 computers have been installed and handed over by CCTPA to the Quai To Secondary School – High School (Ban Pau Hamlet, Quai To Commune, Tuan Giao District), Noong Het Secondary School (Team 5, Noong Het Commune, Dien Bien) and Na Nhan Primary School No. 2 (Na Nhan Commune, Dien Bien Phu City). These are all relatively disadvantaged schools in remote areas of Dien Bien province. While they have computer labs, they lack the resources to equip them with modern learning tools for students. This has led to many obstacles and challenges in teaching and learning in related fields.

“Computers are not only teaching aids but also important bridges that help students access knowledge quickly and effectively. In the difficult situation of the schools while they doesn’t have enough financial capacity to equip morden toots for students, 70 computers from CCTPA will contribute to create a morden and suitable environment to the requirement of the stage”. Mr – Nguyen Vo Truong An – Deputy General Director of CCTPA said.

Quai To Secondary School - High School before and after the installation of computers
Quai To Secondary School – High School before and after the installation of computers

Caring for students in Dien Bien province has become more meaningful than ever before as the 70th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Victory approaches. Since the resounding Dien Bien Phu Victory that reverberated across the world and shook the globe, the Vietnamese have always been united, always holding hands, supporting and guiding each other forward.

All computers in Noong Het Secondary School are ready for students
All computers in Noong Het Secondary School are ready for students
Na Nhan Primary School No. 2 with the new computers
Na Nhan Primary School No. 2 with the new computers

In this day and age, assess to information technology is crucial for learning, integration, and development. We hope that the gifts from CCTPA will provide students with more opportunities to experience and access technology more easily. Through this, we can encourage their learning spirit and perseverance, and contribute to opening up a brighter future for the next generation of Dien Bien,” Mr. An emphasized.

This is one of the many meaningful activities within the framework of sustainable development activities that CCTPA has been and is implementing. Until now, CCTPA has effectively carried out many meaningful activities such as donating 5,000 seedlings, responding to the initiative “Encroaching on sand to create livelihoods” to raise funds for aloe vera seedlings to create livelihoods for the Raglai people in Ninh Thuan. Collaborating with units and organizations to implement activities, courses, talkshows to raise community awareness about carbon credits, greenhouse gas inventory, … Signing with associations, associations, companies, units towards the goal of sustainable development, reducing emissions – responding to climate change – towards net zero emissions in Vietnam.

Carbon Credit Trading Platform ASEAN Joint Stock Company (CCTPA) – a member of CT Group, officially launched to the community on September 29, 2023This is the first enterprise in Vietnam to launch a carbon credit exchange, aiming to proactively adapt to international environmental trade policies, while also towards a low-carbon economy with remarkable growth. It is known that CCTPA is the first strategic partner of Sustain.Life US in Vietnam. In addition, CCTPA is also a strategic partner of ACX, Faraimost, …



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