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With the approval of Ho Chi Minh City’s Union of Friendship Organizations, on November 14, 2010, C.T Group officially launched the “Vietnam–China Friendship Sub-association” chaired by Mr Tran Kim Chung – C.T Group’s president. Attending guests of the ceremony include Mr. Xu Ming Liang – Consul General of Chinese Consulate-General in Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Le Quoc Hung – President of the Ho Chi Minh City’s Union of Friendship Organizations, Mr. Duong Quan Ha – President of Vietnam–China Friendship Association, Mr. Truong Ba Hap, Vice-President of Vietnam–China Friendship Association, Mr. Sunyan – President of Chinese Business Association, representative of Hochiminh city’s Department of External Relations and C.T Group’s staff.

C.T Group’s “Vietnam–China Friendship Sub-association” will contribute to promoting partnerships between the corporation and other Vietnam–China friendship sub-associations in Hochiminh city and across the country. At the same time, it fosters friendship exchange activities, economic and cultural cooperation between Vietnam and China and strengthens mutual understanding between the two countries. It will also boost cooperative relations in business and investment between C.T Group and China’s major businesses and corporations in the future.

Mr Tran Kim Chung – President of C.T Group and the sub-association’s chairman said: “The establishment of the Sub-association is one in a series of public diplomatic activities of C.T in recent years. The key mission of the Sub-association is to introduce the images of dynamic and developing businesses in Hochiminh city in general, and particularly C.T Group’s images to people and companies in China to extend friendly cooperation to Chinese local authorities. At the same time, the Sub-association will create good opportunities for the Corporation’s staff to understand better about our neighboring country, exchange and cooperate in all aspects of economy, culture, education, science and technology…with the people of China; therefore contributing significantly to a better Vietnam–China relationship in international economic integration.

C.T Group is known as the symbol of a youthful, dynamic and diverse community with 36 member companies, whose key business activities focus on the “heated fields” in Vietnam’s economy, such as: Real Estate, Retail, Construction, Finance Investment, Food and Entertainment, Healthcare and Educational services, Plantation, Mining & Ecotourism. The strategic combination and swift synchronizing of all business areas is the key to success for C.T Group. From now until 2012, C.T Group will list three member companies on the stock market: JSC International C&T (specializing in Real Estate), JSC Retail C.T, and JSC Minerals Binh Nguyen Xanh with total legal capital of 1,663 billion dongs and estimated market capitalization of about 9,978 billion dongs.



Blockchain expo events are booming in Silicon Valley, California, USA and Realcoin Global is attracting attention! Realcoin’s launch event at 14:30 (US time), June 5, 2024 here brings energy and


DUBAI, the United Arab Emirates, June 03, 2024 – Dubai-based Realcoin Global Tech, a member of CT Group Vietnam, today announced its expansion into the US market. Realcoin meeting potential