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CT Finance is a member company of CT Group, a group of highly qualified and experienced financial consultants and planners. We know that a financial plan must be custom designed for each person. 

CT Finance has always provided its clients with quality wealth and financial guidance to make their dreams come true, in which, the acquisition and growth of wealth need not be fearful or overwhelming.


CT finance helps clients strike a balance to create a productive life today and in the future.


Always serve customers with the most qualified financial experts.


– Safety: Investment products in cooperation with CT Group are secured by assets. There is a payment guarantee from a third party for investment contracts to help the customer minimize the risk. 

– Prestige: a member company of a big corporation going on its own way for 30 years, serving only real needs, always doing the truth, no bonds, no shares, very little outstanding debt. 

– Efficiency: investors enjoy a high rate of return up to 14%. Super flexible investment cooperation time.



The products of CTInvest is an cooperating investment product. This is a solution to optimize customers’ idle capital, closely associated with CT Group’s brand to move towards a comprehensive personal spending management system.

Investors can invest in the largest projects in Ho Chi Minh City and can choose the desired investment period with fixed profit, the profit is paid every 3 months/1 time.

The CT Finance app is currently being deployed with the desire to bring customers a 1-touch financial investment experience through 4.0 technology application.