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As a part of the series of events to celebrate the day honoring Vietnamese entrepreneurs, on the evening of October 12, the Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organizations (HUFO) and CT Group’s delegation coordinated to organize the event “Gala Dinner for Entrepreneurs in Vietnam and around the World” for entrepreneurs to contribute ideas for community development.

The special program also had the participation of the General/Deputy Consuls of countries around the world, such as: Canada, Cuba, Cambodia, India, Thailand, Kuwait, etc; representatives of the Vietnam – Netherlands, Vietnam – Malaysia, Vietnam – Cambodia Friendship Association; the Chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City (KOCHAM); the President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (INCHAM); and senior leaders from major enterprises from all over the world in Ho Chi Minh City,..

The event gathered a large number of international guests to participate

​It can be said that the Vietnamese business community in recent years has constantly promoted the sustainable development of businesses in particular and the national economy in general, always making creative efforts to overcome all challenges. Vietnam’s economy will be brought to the world, shoulder to shoulder with international friends, and the support of foreign entrepreneurs has made a significant contribution to the success of the Vietnamese business community. Since then, Vietnamese and international entrepreneurs have worked together to build a strong and united global business community, thus building a sustainable world economy.

At the program, Mr. Vu Hong Quang – Vice Chairman of CT Group, shared: “Entrepreneurs are those who shoulder the responsibility of creating new products and new values to help people’s lives be good and happy. That is the noblest contribution and the most sacred purpose of an entrepreneur. In over 30 years of construction and development, CT Group has constantly put the responsibility to create prosperity and human happiness as the foundation for all development ideas and strategies. This philosophy is implemented with all the elements: collective action, goodwill, and harmony. The CT Group’s entrepreneurs will do their best to pursue the business philosophy that the corp has determined from the very beginning: the corporation for the community”.

Mr. Vu Hong Quang wants the event to become a transverse for cooperation between Vietnamese and international businessmen

Mr. Manoj Barthwal, of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (INCHAM), thanks CT Group and HUFO for organizing such a meaningful ceremony. He affirmed that in the coming time, he will make every effort to become a strong bridge for the two countries’ relations through business-to-business activities, cultural exchanges, education, etc., contributing to promoting the relationship, friendship, and good solidarity, bringing benefits to the peoples of the two countries.

Agreeing with the above opinion, Ms. Ariadne Feo Labrada – Consul General of Cuba, also expressed: “I am very honored to be present at the event today. The atmosphere is like a family; you guys are so friendly and hospitable. I was very impressed with the recent 30th anniversary of the establishment of CT Group. And after today, I firmly believe that CT Group will continue to thrive in the near future. Hopefully, in the future, we will have extensive cooperation in many fields”.

The Chairman of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (InCham) thanked CT Group for creating opportunities for exchanges between entrepreneurs 

The Gala Dinner “Businessmen of Vietnam and other countries in the world” is not only an exchange night to honor domestic and foreign businessmen but also the beginning to enhance mutual understanding and share information to promote the development of business relationships. coordination between cooperative units. CT Group believes that, together with the entrepreneurs of Vietnam and the world, the synergy of the Vietnamese and international business community will open up a better world for mankind.



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