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As one of the guests at the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of CT Group, despite the fact that the event was closed, the echo and emotion remained in my mind. In particular, the deep felt impression is the closed item with the appearance of young people with the strategy of 12 unforgettable words of this Group.

The anniversary of June 29, 1977 is a significant marker of the CT Group and the young team will be write the new history for the Group.

The 12 members of the YOL (Young Opinion Leaders) community representing the younger generation of CT Group appear on stage to create a beautiful finish for the celebration longer than 2 hours. Because of their appearance, they are like a proud pride in the tracks signaling a strong transformation, the turn over a new page of the heroic and glorious history of the Group with over 25 years formation and development. Here, I – one of their senior partners, sees the trust of empowerment and the opportunity for a young, courageous, brave, daring generation to face every challenge to continue the new history and inherit the past generation completing the mission to reach the good future, conquer the new horizons, pioneering the exploration, expansion of the economic realm, bring fame to their hometown as well as Vietnamese.

12 young people from the Young Opinion Leaders community represent the next generation of CT Group

The 12 words “Culture – Technology – Speed ​​- Worldwide – Difference – West Point” appear with them on stage, raising my belief in the future and sustainable development of CT Group. Because this is also the strategy of personnel development up to 2020 of CT Group. If CULTURAL STRATEGY emphasizes to establish the CT Group’s culture is different and become a humane corporation, ebullient, cheerful atmosphere, always innovate, people are always caring for each other. Technology refers to the Group’s focus on integrating technology in its business and management activities. SPEED refers to the ability to hit all targets accurately in the new era when things move at the Internet rate … Meanwhile, the GLOBAL strategy refers to the CT Group’s trust in flat world where resources flow freely and easily between nations creating tremendous value. So what’s the DIFFERENCE? I am very sympathetic to CT Group’s vision when the difference is recognized and create foundation for the lead. Difference can only be effective when young people take advantage of the available foundation, take over new things to innovate, create and break out of the limits. Finally, when listening to WEST POINT, I was a little shocked at the articles on the prestigious West Point University of America ( ). This is a harsh training but implies that the “CT Group training center” will provide individuals with a thorough professional and personal development.

Difference can only be effective when young people take advantage of the available foundation, take over new things to innovate, create and break out of the limits.

What I was hearing encouraged me to find a representative among them to hear more sharing, and I met Giao Khue- an International Finance Expert and YOL Group Leader of the CT Group, The little girl, gentle but self-confident, makes the other person feel the enthusiasm, determination and desire that sparkle in her eyes. She said: “YOL is a community founded to discover and training young talents of C.T Group through innovative projects of the Group. YOL allows new ideas of the younger generation to be proposed directly to the Board of Director without the need to go through the governance structure. At the same time, through these activities and projects, YOL members will be trained and selective to take on higher positions. As you can see, we are very young and have lots of dreams but nobody charges dreams so why not dream big? I believe, with the guidance and support from the C.T family we will achieve our dream “(laughs).

From the sharing of Giao Khue, I learned that the CT Group’s YOLs are not only free to experience the new creations but the special acumen of young people with technical science, and technology when the world is touching the revolution of 4.0 and progressing to the Internet of Things (IoT), which was also sprouted early on with I-Town Smart City is preparing to build in Le Minh Xuan, Binh Chanh district. .

As young people gather with passionate desire and passion to reach new prospect, CT Group’s youth team will continue the good tradition of the Group, following the success and solid foundation of the past 25 years to “make a difference” in this new era.

When young people gather together with passion, young people of C.T Group will “make a difference” in this new era.



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