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The developments that CT Land constructed nonetheless saw price increases despite the slow real estate market. Investors claim that this company can expand consistently since it has a successful strategy, providing a high rate of return.

The wave of cutting losses and the “last straw” 

Since the second half of 2022, the economy has been unstable, bonds have failed, real estate (and real estate tourism) is clinically dead, investors aren’t getting paid profits so they can pay the interest on bank loans, so they have to “sell” to stop losing money, which increases market risk.

Legal issues have an impact on the real estate market’s stagnation. The Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association estimates that up to 1,000 projects are experiencing procedural issues, are stalling, are waiting, and cannot be implemented. There is pressure on investors to sell at a loss at a lower price than anticipated in order to recover cash since the capital source has not been released, the legal system is still blocked, and the market has been inactive for a very long period like a drop of water.

Metro Star with Singapore standard design and 100+ utility stars, perfectly meets a luxurious and modern life

Despite the bleak outlook, the market did note some promising developments in a number of initiatives created by respected investors. Customers are always appreciative of comments from experts and investors, projects with a systematic strategy, and satisfying their needs in terms of quality, living standards, pricing, sales and after-sales policies, etc.

“Double profit” for investors 

Numerous real estate developments nevertheless guarantee profit margins for investors despite the unstable market. The majority of them are the works of sizable businesses with solid legal standing, which have established their name in the market. The Metro Star project is unusual in that it has a pedestrian bridge that connects directly to Metro Station 10 of Metro Line 1 Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien. As a result of this direct benefit from the impeccable infrastructure connection, prices have steadily increased, attracting both investors and customers. Or projects Burano Station (Thuan An City, Binh Duong), Diamond Square (Bong Son, Binh Dinh) … possessing a strategic location, having the advantage of traffic planning as the new development center of the region, offers a wide range of profit opportunities for investors.

Our investigation indicates that the aforementioned projects are the property of CT Land, one of the few real estate companies with a history spanning more than 30 years and which has successfully expanded its product lines to include residential real estate, retail real estate, post-market real estate, and tourism real estate. All products have been finished and implemented thus far, consistently increasing value. Since the handover in 2018, the I-Home project of this group (Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City) has risen by 300%. Particularly, CT Land is one of the few investors that, after having given the goods to the buyer for 10 years, is still dedicated to warranty and product upkeep. This dedication is motivated by faith in the caliber of the products.

To produce products of the highest caliber on the market, CT Land always chooses reliable construction companies, supply companies, and supervision units. Regardless of the market, CT Land also invests in excellent functionality and art across all product lines. Each project makes a unique contribution to a green, dynamic, and modern lifestyle, from the interior utilities to the ancillary high-class services, ensuring that each resident is content in their home in their own unique way.

The DIYAS initiative features a DIYAS LAB room that is completely furnished, specialized tools, and a group of experienced supporters to assist locals in putting their ideas into action

It is well known that CT Land is getting ready to introduce a number of rewards and special programs for clients and partners who are interested in the company’s real estate offerings. Particularly, group members will get the chance to profit from transaction privileges, alluring discounts, priceless presents, and improve service experiences with a host of advantages. Customers may have a complete life by taking use of C.T.S.P.M. (Care- Travel- Stay- Play- Meet), which supports developing trade contacts as well as their health and accommodations as well as their education.

CT Land’s projects consistently maintain the pace of rising value each year thanks to the real values from location, legality, living space, customer service, etc., which have been assured and trusted throughout time. In particular, CT Land projects continue to be sought after by both residents and investors thanks to innovative, alluring financial assistance options and service experiences.



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