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CTOptimal is a company specializing in AI tool development across various industries. 

CTOptimal distinguishes itself by spearheading the innovation of its own DCA (Difference of Convex Algorithm). DCA is the intellectual product of two Vietnamese scientists, first introduced by Pham Dinh Tao in 1985 and developed in-depth by Le Thi Hoai An and Pham Dinh Tao since 1993. 

Globally acknowledged as a state-of-the-art, powerful and versatile mathematical programming approach, DCA has achieved iconic status, gaining widespread recognition and prominence. It serves as the cornerstone of mathematical optimization and stands as a cutting-edge tool in the realm of machine learning, proving highly effective in the era of Big Data. 

Leveraging their groundbreaking scientific achievements, CTOptimal can continuously produce new products centered around core technologies focused on optimization and machine learning.

Current projects

1. AI for Logistics   

DCALog is an AI Platform that optimizes logistics developed directly base on two main platforms: Machine Learning and Optimization Mathematics, with the core being DCA – a sharp tool of Mathematical Optimization that has been widely used in many different fields.

DCALog not only has the ability to quickly and accurately analyze large amounts of data, but its outstanding advantage is that it can solve the challenges of very large and diverse logistics systems, thanks to practical but simple mathematical models, and especially thanks to the efficiency, dynamism, and ability to solve large-dimensional problems of DCA.

DCALog provides effective solutions for two basic issues in logistics: transportation and warehousing, for systems ranging from simple to complex: systems consisting of a central warehouse, multiple central warehouses, multiple warehouses and multiple hubs.

Optimizing transportation 

DCALog selects the best routes, assigns drivers in real time, receives and delivers goods on time based on data,… with the aim of reducing time, shortening distances, reducing operating costs, and meeting demand for goods.

Optimizing warehousing 

DCALog optimizes product storage and tracks warehouse capacity, inventory, and solves demand forecasting problems. It provides solutions for adding goods, ensuring that products are always available at the right location and at the right time. This helps manage inventory more effectively and reduces the risk of shortages or excess inventory.

1. AI Logisitcs - DCALog

2. AI for Healthcare (AEM System)

This optimization system is designed based on the latest technologies in DC planning and DCA algorithms that can solve problems well:

Manage multiple electrocardiogram data sources at the same time in real-time

Use artificial intelligence to diagnose and classify data according to different levels of urgency

Issue warning levels when abnormalities are detected, depending on the type of disease or the urgency level of the patient

Support doctors in handling the monitoring and treatment process. 

This is also a remote medical solution for cardiovascular patients.

The difference, optimization of AEM System:

This solution collects ECG data collected from patients personalized by each line, data is collected remotely through devices or directly from medical facilities. 

The solution has been tested on many different neural networks and evaluated the quality as well as proposed the most suitable network architecture for the data. The solution is designed specifically to optimize the neural network with better data classification efficiency.

2. AI for Healthcare (AEM System)

3. AI for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

This project aims to integrate Artificial Intelligence technology into UAV. CTOptimal develops advanced Artificial Intelligence solutions based on mathematical optimization and machine learning.

First is Muti Object – Multitasking 

Integrating AI into UAVs allows humans to control multiple UAVs at the same time. The flying devices can move independently or in groups. The UAVs are capable of multitasking, performing and optimizing the same task or different tasks to serve human purposes.

Second is Navigation – Auto-navigation 

UAVs have the ability to automatically navigate intelligently. The devices can self-determine the route and establish a safe flight path without the need for GPS or 5G pillar support. As a result, they can move along the most optimal flight path without any intervention.This product will be introduced later.

Third is Detection – Target 

IdentificationAI technology integrated with high-resolution sensors, cameras, and LiDAR devices has the ability to analyze situations, detect obstacles, as well as self-locate and identify targets. This product will be introduced later.

Through the integration of Artificial intelligence, UAVs are equipped with prominent features, and it is these features that will form the mutual strength of UAVS in the new era. This product will be introduced later

3. AI trong điều khiển UAV

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