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CT Solar Homes offers various solutions for harnessing solar energy for sustainable development across multiple sectors including industry, agriculture, transportation, logistics, and green urban areas. Especially notable is the integration of solar energy with other renewable energy sources. CT Solar Homes plays a crucial role in the Netzero journey in ASEAN and beyond. CT Solar Homes also develops carbon credits along with other members of the CT Group. Concurrently, it creates competitive advantagesfor customers in developing green, smart, and interconnected industrial zones, such as a series of AI-powered green industrial zones along electric train stations and expressways that are rapidly being developed in Vietnam. 

The distinct feature of CT Solar Homes lies in its access to hundreds to thousands of hectares of rooftop space and electricity users thanks to the extensive ecosystem of the CT Group and global partners, ranging from port warehouse centers to green industrial zones, large urban areas, and beyond, ensuring sufficient resources for continuous and sustainable development.

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